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The lack of business acumen or The Red Tape?

The building now is a learning hub (I think)
Each time whenever I walked past the building that used to be the clubhouse of Geylang United Football Club, I can't help but have that sense of pity and wonder if the Eagles could have made a good use of this one-time cinema located at Bedok Central.

After all, being a CLUB itself that a clubhouse would be something of a necessity, and the inaugural S.League champions used to have that envious look from the rest of the clubs to boast a clubhouse of such a scale.

However, since the expire of the last tenancy agreement somewhere end of last year, the size of the Eagles clubhouse drastically downsized to a unit located at the second level of the nearby Bedok Sports & Fitness Centre, next to their home ground, Bedok Stadium.

An ideal spot for any  event launch or promotion
While the existing clubhouse still provides the fruit machine, pool and game facilities, but it will not longer have the luxury of spaces to maximize the untapped potential of that would expected from a CLUBHOUSE.

After all, those settings of that of an old theater such as, the hall, the stage inside the building would make a perfect setting to host some corporate presentation event, "D & D" function, etc.

The Eagles' pre-season seminar in 2009
If not, spaces would be carved out from the hall and make into "ad-hoc" mini-meeting rooms to target certain organizations whom might need them.

Of course, a place like a small cafe would be great for fans and members to hang out before walking to the ground.

The interior of the building
Furthermore, multi-storey carpark is just behind to the building to ease part of the travelling woes.

Based on feedback gathered, factors such as eroded income from the jackpots coupled with high rental costs and the inability to attract sub-tenancy during their time there had made it hardly sustainable for Geylang United to continue the clubhouse operation and resulted the downsizing inevitably.
How many feel pity for this??
Should those issues were resolved, who knows the Eagles might as well have that ability to venture into other types of business to compliment their core business as a football club.

Oh well, having said all these, nonetheless, there are certain things beyond our control when we see things from certain perspective.


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