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Friendly: SAFFC 3-1 Balestier Khalsa

Thanks again to Mr Bryan Lim, whom I met at Clementi stadium just now, for telling me this friendly fixture.

The defending champions SAFFC, without those players on national duty, walked away with 3-1 win over Balestier Khalsa.

Park Tae Won marked his Warriors debut with his cross from the right that saw Ahmad Latiff opened the accounts with his header in the 35th minute.

Friendly fixture as it meant to be, a chance to weed out any shortcoming and gel the team for the new season.

Both "Masa" (Masahiro Fukasawa) and Therdsak Chaiman didn't started the game.

Park Tae Won (18) made his debut for the Warriors in this friendly.

Balestier coach Nasaruddin Jalil conducted his team talk as chairman Mr Balbeer Singh Mangat looks on.

"Throw in" to restart the game.

Match in action.


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  2. Hi "Anonymous"..

    Sorry didn't keep track of who scored the other goals... as I was far from the actions then..

  3. Hi there,

    there are some friendlies coming up this Saturday.

    Geylang vs Home United

    Balestier Khalsa vs Woodlands Wellington

    SAFFC vs Sengkang Punggol

  4. why did masahiro fukasawa donn the 6 jersey, isn't it be Ahmad Latiff, or did he transfered out?

  5. Hi "Anonymous"..

    AFAIK, jersey numbers in such friendlies aren't "FIXED" as I saw on few occasions that some players were wearing jerseys not bearing their names at the back..

    Also, I have no clue abt Ahmad Latiff status till anything is officially announced :)


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