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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How "Google" made me a GUNMAN!!!

The screen shot of the translated page.

I didn't undergo the BMT during my NS due to my visual handicap but somehow misinterpretation of Google Translate had made me a GUNMAN!!

Just take a look at the screen shot of one of the recent blog entry on the "Floating Platform" (above).

Unfortunately, due to the shortcoming and lack of human touch of this translator, the text "take this shot" was mistranslated as “开枪” (literary means "open fire", "take a GUNshot") whereas what I meant was "take this photo shot".

I hope I had made myself clear as I don't wish to see myself being barred from entering the platform because of this blooper and please verify the translated text each time you used this translator!!

Thank you for your kind attention..

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