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Watching 3 straight losses on a roll...

.. is something not everybody would want to see, especially a team like Home Utd.

The Protectors are pretty unlucky right from the start of the year.

The departure of several players end of last season (either transfer or retired) had definitely signaled a new era at Bishan stadium.

Nobody would want to be in the shoes of its Hungarian coach Zolts Bucs.

Things can't be help when national players like Indra Sahdan and Lionel Lewis were heavily involved with the national team during the early period of the year.

When we heard the sad tales that it's Hungarian imports can't adapt to the local environment, I guessed must be something Bucs had yet to expect as these guys were brought in by him.

So with a much depleted setup, this Home Utd we seen presently is a sad reminder of it's glorious past, at least at this moment.

Of course, we got to be fair to the team due to the problems it faces.

However, looking from another angle, should this be an excellent opportunity for the fringe players to prove themselves?

So far, it don't seems the case, just take a look when 19-year old Syfian Anuar was replaced just now in their derby match against their "auld enemy" - SAFFC, he was booed off the field!! something that was not heard for a long time.

I hope Syfian can handle this "booing", as a part and parcel of being a footballer.

Right now, it's already 5 losses on a roll (probably the Protectors' worst run for a long time).

Testing time ahead when they face the cellar-dwellers next.. good luck.


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