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Thet Great feeling is "Back" somehow...

This fixture sure brought back a bit of nostalgic feel at the Jalan Besar. Media workers from both sides of the Causeway mingled with each other, setting up their props and exchanging views and pointers about the both teams. The pitch has been playing the "lead actor" whenever a fixture is staged here, though one prominent figure in the local football brushed off the suggestion that the artificial turf had been the deciding factor. Pretty controversial towards the end as Perlis disputed the Young Lions' winning goal but the match officials stood firm on their decision. (This of course irked the visiting Perlis supporters who targeted the officials with those “colourful” languages.) Nonetheless, the hosts maintained their composure to hold their guests at bay, despite conceded a penalty in dying minutes, which was well saved ‘keeper Fadhil Salim. Young Lions coach Fandi Ahmad talks to the press Perlis fans made their presence felt with their cheers and (jeers) This matc

A chat with the cabby...

A random chit-chat in a taxi "So why are you heading there (to the stadium)?" asked the friendly taxi driver, as he began this conversation to kick start the journey after I boarded a cab on my way to Choa Chu Kang Stadium the other day (as I was rushing for time).  "I'm there for a game" I replied "Ah... I see, the last time, l was there for one of the election rallies, hahaha" joked the cabbie. "So, is there a match going on?" asked this cabbie. "Yes, there is, it's between SAF and Balestier." l said. "Oh OK.. you see, I used to watch a few games at the beginning, with my son, who was young at that time " as we drove along BKE after exiting from PIE (if I didn't mix up the names of the expressways) "Back then, the crowd was passionate as there was no gambling (the legalized betting) involved but nowadays it seems that there are more punters than real fans at the stadium" commented the taxi driver.  Agre

Thank you, Geylang

It was said that when a team don't perform well in one campaign, doesn't mean they can't in another. Take the case of Geylang United. Struggled at the bottom end of the table currently (to be precise, they are one spot above wooden spoonists Sengkang Punggol), nobody give them a chance at all to the Eagles when they turned out at Jurong East earlier this evening. With the sky looked really that gloomy before the start of the game, one really fear if the Eagles can sustain the potential onslaught from their host, after all, the Jurong East stadium had not been a happy hunting ground for the Geylang Eagles. Geylang was the first team to pay the visit to Albirex's maiden home game years ago. Then, the men in green thought they had the game wrapped up, only to see the Japanese came back strongly and reversed the tie to thrash them heavily. Fortunately, for the fans who turned out at the ground, they were given a feast of entertaining football, probably the best match of th

Xenophobia am I??

Happen to pick up a copy of the Straits Times today. Saw an unpretty sight when I noticed the picture of Chelsea's midfielder Frank Lampard on the frontpage of the national broadsheet. One question came to my mind - Does this concern us? Xenophobic - some of you guys might think of me I don't blame you guys for thinking that but to have this piece of news placed on this national broadcast must be something that is not appropriate as once again had made us look as if we are living in the past (as a British colony), with the news of who going to be crowned as the EPL champions being something that is utmost important. So Sad...

Never wash your dirty linens in the public

There's always a saying "Never wash your dirty linens in the public". Somehow or rather, a fit of anger by Englishman Peter Butler, the SAFFC's coach, was captured and placed on the backpages of TODAY, the ONLY English paper in this country that covers S.League's news on REGULAR basis. In that photo, it pictured the former West Ham midfielder shown a well-recognized rude gesture to his charges after their win over Balestier Khalsa. Picture tells a thousand words as judging from the expressions of the weary-looking Warriors, one could easily sums up the mood that night. Personally, I felt that the rude gesture by Butler, is something that is uncalled for, especially in the public places. Though I have not say or in a position to comment on how the coaching is to be done but I did remembered one thing I learned from Steve Darby, the former Home United coach (now with Perak). "Those who know me personally, know that I will NEVER criticize my players OPENLY!"