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Prove me wrong if you get the nod

The revealing of the identity of the possible 12th S.League team being Tanjong Pagar United had set the buzz not least as (as pictured below when a poster claimed the Jaguars are being the "12th" team)

And with confirmation of such possibility by the two Mediacorp media outlets - Channelnewsasia and TODAY (screen-grab below).

Channelnewsasia broke the news on late Wednesday night.

"TODAY" published the story TODAY.

So it therefore more or less set the path of the possible return after sitting out for six years for the club that traces its roots back in 1975 with the formation of Tiong Bahru CSC under the guidance of Mr Richard Woon.

But being someone who always believe is having solid foundation laid before hand before the admission (readmission in the case of Tanjong Pagar) of any team in the S.League, I have a few questions to ask here.
  1. What are they doing for the past six years since "sit out" as Tanjong Pagar Utd?

  2. Given the scenario like this, are we gonna see another "Paya Lebar Punggol" in the making?

  3. If like what the report suggested, the team is to be based in Clementi (if the nod is given), would there be a change in the name?
Just count the list of "one-season" clubs we had in the past, and shouldn't see why such a scepticism among the optimism of the fraternity.


  1. a little disappointing to read this morning that Beijing only intended to stay one season all along. Yes they may not be very good, but teams with a greater long term interest should be considered first. i guess fas didn't know that beijing didn't intend to stay long.

  2. U had asked if it will Paya Lebar Punggol

    100% it will be Paya Lebar Punggol

    They are set to sign the 'best of the worst' even among the U21 age grp (afterall, if they were that good and available, other clubs wld hve sign them already)let alone any creditable foreigners

    The goodwill is there (At the forum or wherever) now but for how long as let be honest, no win in the opening rd (meaning the first 11 matches) & I can see some calling them a 'disgrace' already.

    It a mistake to bring in TPUFC at this pt as the mgt appear to be nt confident themselves (Or else they will nt hve mention it was FAS that 'push' them)

    This is a problem for Paya Lebar Punggol mgt at that time as well as they later on went on record saying they nvr expect it to be that hard.

    I wonder if TPUFC mgt is 'thick-skinned' enough to beg/borrow to keep the club alive after wht cld be a disaster first season as PLP mgt was nt

  3. Of course having to heard that foreign teams are living S League and local teams are making a comeback is a good thing, however I wonder whether merger works on some local clubs? For example Sembawang Rangers can merge with Yishun Reds to form a Northern club while Jurong FC can merge with Gombak United to form a Western Club instead?

    In my opinion what S League have to do now is to 'expel' all the foreign clubs, disband the Young Lions S League team with the players going to other S League (or Indonesian league? haha) clubs and merge those smaller local S League clubs with those 'resting' clubs together or even with NFL teams like Singapore Recreation Club FC and reduce the S League to 10 teams, each play one another 4 times?


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