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Subject to public scrutiny...

Getting ready before the recording with host, Yi Qian (pictured above middle)
It never came to my mind that I would appear in front of camera screen, let alone being part of the discussion panel group to talk about the recent disbanding of the Lions.

But there I was with my fellow blogger Arief, "Super Fan" Daniel Lau and Han Keong, the sports editor of "mypaper" at the "Razor TV" studio for the recording on Wednesday evening.

(Pictured above L-R) The rookie panelists - Daniel, Arief and myself
Being someone slow in react when being prompted a question, the host, Yi Qian, gladly acceded to my request to the last person to voice my opinion after the rest did theirs.

I'm relieved that everything went smoothly, as Yi Qian told us to be as if we were having a chit-chatting session and complimented us with our efforts.

I am glad to have this opportunity to voice my opinion on the recent saga on a platform like this of an interactive media as it's able to reach out to a wider audience.

THE CLIPS OF THE RECORDINGS (total five of them)
And there you have it are all how we felt... Many thanks to Razor TV for the opportunity to voice our thoughts on the issues that are so dear to us and not forget to mention Nicholas, who SMSed me about this, thanks man :)


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