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Short scribe on the Cubs-Harimuda Muda's pre-match presser

Was at the pre-match press conference ahead of tomorrow's friendly match between Singapore's Olympic squad and their Malaysian counterparts.

Making their presence were Singapore coach Raddy Avramovic (pictured above, second from left) and his Malaysian counterpart Ong Kim Swee (second from right), as well as Cubs' captain Afiq Yunos (extreme left) and Mohd Affize Faisal (extreme right), the vice-captain of the Harimau Muda.

"It's a good opportunity for us to get ourselves prepare before the game against Yemen." said coach Raddy.

"It's a chance to allow young players to gain some match exposure against a good team like Malaysia." he added while admitted that the hastily arranged fixture has not allowed him to have many options to select the players he wants.

Concurring his counterpart's view, coach Ong (pictured above, while speaking to the media) agreed that result is secondary for the friendly fixture.

"It's about gaining the much-needed match exposure on international level that to me result is secondary.

"And we hope both teams will have a great game tomorrow." said the bespectacled coach.


  1. Love your random post. Following you on Twitter.lovely the second picture starting for the first one down!


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