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Let's divorce S.LEAGUE from FAS!

Having seen in the past few weeks of all kinds of solutions, remedy put up by various concerned parties on whichever means to lift the local game from the slumps.

With much due respect, most of which we heard, read and seen are mere "recycled" suggestions that always brought to attention in any kind of mis-happenings.

I think we been hearing stuff like "go back to basic", " start from the beginning", if that's the kind I would like to make this suggest - SEPARATE the S.LEAGUE from FAS.

With two operate separately as individual to another, just like in the old days until the two organizations were merged to streamline the operations of running the game in Singapore with the league being operated as a business unit under the umbrella of the FAS.

However, time had proven that it has not been the case for large part of the time to improve the game's standard in Singapore.

Such arrangement is not uncommon as it is in the case of Japan, where J-League and JFA are two separate bodies.

In this case, the S.LEAGUE's main role is to ensure the smooth operation of the league, while FAS's role should remain of that as the game's local governing body, just like in 1996-1998.


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