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The forgotten training ground outside Yishun MRT station...

(Picture) Took this picture yesterday during my train ride when the north-bound train stopped at Yishun station.

Of course, it's nothing usual about this green plot of uneven field and furthermore there's this sheltered walkout that linked the station to the nearest residential block, but what prompted me to blog something about it is because the field used to be the training ground of already-defunct Gibraltar Crescent SC, which used to play in old Premier League during the 1980s.

I still recalled many years back while on my way to my uncle's place in Yishun, I would have alighted at this MRT station and transferred to a feeder bus and it was during one of those visits I chanced upon an opportunity to catch the team in training.

Sadly though, the team, together with another northern-based team, Sembawang SC merged together as Sembawang Rangers FC to play in the inaugural S.League season in 1996, had faded away in 2003 when the Stallions decided to quit the league due to financial difficulties.

What a shame as the team that used to have the likes of Nazri Nasir, Thai midfield star Tawan Sripan and Noh Alam Shah, was one of the best-supported team in the league.


  1. Wow, Pohui, I had never know this piece of land which I walked past on daily basis, now a hotbed for Pasar Malam and Residential Council activities, was a football training ground.
    Surely the shape of the pitch as well as the bumpy surface made me think otherwise.

    I am sure people living in Yishun might have missed Sembawang Rangers FC, I personally knew a university friend was a season ticket holder for the Stallions' games.
    We definitely have no affinity to the Super Reds

  2. Well "wreckidigidy",

    If my memory didn't fail me as I still remember there are promises made to assimilate the Super Reds into the community where they based (i.e: Yishun South).

    But pardon me that either I'm being ignorant or whatsoever it seems that "things aren't moving at all".

    I still recall the "Ibrahim corner" across the main stand whenever the Stallions were playing at Yishun Stadium

  3. Perhaps of my ignorance of what had going on in the Rc or Community Center, but it really seems like Super Reds had not been making any effort to assimilate with the people in Yishun.

    Ibrahim Noh left the game at a pretty young age after his stint at Tampines, wonder if it is injury that prompted him to do so.
    But with former Stallions coach Vorawan showing some sentimal values for his former charges now at Tampines Rovers, perhaps the legacy continues...

  4. Sembawang rangers holds a part of my childhood memories... I live in Yishun and i support them when i was 8 years old..I would almost go for every of their home games and i even went for quie a number of away games as well... I am 17 this year...And i miss them....Still remember Tawan Sripan would cycle back to orchid condo(his place of stay during his time here) after every home game. It was the Thai revolution at that time as well.... Now with stallions gone, i follow sengkang punggol..well, Bringing back the stallions would be good! Small club it maybe but there are really passionate fans Supporting the yishun-based club.

  5. Indeed guys...

    Despite the fact that Stallions are not longer part of the league setup but the memories and legacy of Sembawang Rangers still live on...


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