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Shortly after that upset at Hougang Stadium....

... where a fired-up Sengkang Punggol defeated the newly-crowned League Cup champions, Brunei DPMM 2-1, coaches of both sides shared their thoughts with the media after the match.

  • Sengkang Punggol's caretaker coach Aide Iskandar's comment after the game.

    The former national skipper believed that his team had "learned from their mistakes after the matches against Tampines and Super Reds" and shows his appreciation to another former national captain Fandi Ahmad for the advice rendered during his team preparation since taking charge the Dolphins.
  • DPMM's coach Vjeran Simunic's thoughts of the game. sengkang-2-1.mp3

    The Croation coach was duly waiting us outside the dressing room after we had our session with Aide.

    Coach Simunic admitted that missing of his several key players, fatigue were some of the reasons behind their defeat, while reiterated his view that the league is a tough one where every team is capable to beat each other.
(P.S: Guaranteed that the clips are full-unedited version and also trying out something new here, please feel free to feedback and comment if you have any thought, thanks)


  1. Great audio clips, Pohui.
    The interview was well audible and crisp.

    Sadly not much "Simunicism" this time round but at least he is magnanimous in the loss.
    Missing Komar and to lesser extent Sairol Sahari might hurt them for Friday and Tampines should not let their fans and themselves down.
    We had really benefited from the absence of Berguiga and we made it count.
    Can't believe he still refer to his players by their jersey numbers.

    As for Aide, we always know he had a diplomatic facet in his game.
    He sounded modest, yet objective to the fact that we had a good squad and should do better than our league standings really show.

    With his impending Class A license, I hope he would be a candidate as the full time head coach for perhaps a couple of seasons and see we can build on it.
    The recent renaissance in display and scores as well as himself being a well-liked persona in the local footballing scene, I am sure many fans are making a return to the Hougang Stadium.

    As backed by words from fans, we at Sengkang Punggol would never dream of challenging for honours but we want to play decent football and show they are not pushovers.
    Of course with Indra, Noh Rahman, Sazali etc joining us this year and hopefully we can build on that in coming seasons, Sengkang Punggol can try to become a force to be reckon with.

  2. Hi "fishoutofwaterspfc"...

    There's the spirit and I agree with you that Coach Simunic wasn't in his "usual self" last night, though the loss to Sengkang had maintained his opinion that "every team is capable to beat each other."

    With Regards


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