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[Event] : National Day Challenge 09: Singapore vs China at Kallang on 12 August 2009

(P.S: Below is a press release by Strategic Public Relations Group Singapore, a renowned public relations consultancy who are coordinating the above-mentioned event)

Singapore, 28 July 2009


Singapore Lions takes on China to launch new football event

Singapore – In celebration of Singapore’s National Day, the Singapore National Team will play China to kick off a new annual football event – the National Day Challenge.

Continuing Singapore’s birthday celebrations, the Lions will hope to win the first ever National Day Challenge against the Chinese national team which will take place on 12 August at the National Stadium.

The National Day Challenge 2009 is the brainchild of local sports and marketing consultancy firm, The Red Card Pte Ltd which is headed by former national footballer R. Sasikumar. According to Sasikumar, there are plans in place to bring other international teams. Asian giants, Japan have already been identified for future games.

“I firmly believe that this annual Challenge will play an important role in the ongoing development of football in Singapore. The tournament, although a Friendly, allows players access to a high level of opposition which provides them with a platform for competitive player development. In addition, this Challenge represents another opportunity to reach out to dedicated football fans within the Singapore sporting community. What better way to reinforce the values that make football so appealing, than to have it coincide with Singapore’s birthday?” said Sasikumar.

The National Day Challenge has no prize money on offer, but national pride obviously is at stake for both teams. The two teams last clashed in September 2006 during the Asian Cup qualifier where both teams drew 0-0 at the National Stadium. Earlier, China narrowly beat Singapore in Tianjin with a 93rd minute penalty, despite pre-match predictions that the host country would win comfortably.

The Lions would be eager to prove that the results were no flukes where China would want to regain the respect of being one of Asia’s footballing giants, having gone from playing in the World Cup Finals in 2002 to being ranked by FIFA as the 13th best team in Asia. Currently, China is ranked 108th and Singapore 127th in the FIFA world rankings.

The match is also crucial as part of Singapore’s preparations for the upcoming Asian Cup qualifiers where they are set to play against Thailand in November.

Says Singapore National Coach Radojko Avramovic, “We’ll be facing a quality team with good individuals who will be out to prove themselves as many are new to their team. It’s up to us to analyse our last game (against Liverpool) and to look at different options in our lineup. This game will be important for us to choose our best possible team to for the matches against Thailand.”

Gracing the event will be Chinese Ambassador to Singapore Madam Zhang Xiaokang who is set to be present at the inaugural challenge at the historic National Stadium on August 12 at 7.30pm.

Event and ticketing details are as follows:

National Day Challenge 09: Singapore vs China

Date: 12 AUGUST 2009


Kickoff: 7:30PM

Ticketing Locations
  • Jalan Besar Stadium, South Entrance
    Available from 31st July to 11th August 2009
    Weekdays: 12pm to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm
    Weekends: 12pm to 6pm
  • National Stadium
    Available only on 12th August 2009 from 5pm onwards

Ticket Prices

  • Grandstand: $15
  • Gallery: $10
  • Concession tickets (For Gallery seats only)
    * Students (Primary/ Secondary/ ITE/ JC): $2
    * Seniors (60 and above): $5
**For football fans with NTUC membership, they will be able to purchase tickets at a discounted price from the ticketing counters.**

National Day Challenge Lucky Draw

Grand prize: A trip for 2 persons to go to Anfield to watch Liverpool vs Manchester United on 24th Oct 09.
  • Includes travel and accommodation, the match tickets as well as tours to Anfield and Old Trafford.
  • Valued at $5k.
  • Lucky Draw coupons will be given out with purchase of every ticket.
  • Not valid for concession and complimentary tickets.
  • All completed entries have to be submitted to the allocated boxes prior to 7pm on match day to be eligible for the draw.
  • Winner will be announced at half time, which is also the time that the draw will be held.


  1. If there is no prize money involved, why are the tickets prized @ $10??

    FAS / Red Card Pte Ltd will take the gate receipts?

  2. Err.. no comment on the pricing and gate intake but the fact is if 45,000 don't mind paying $88 to bench themselves on those worn-out benches when Liverpool were here..

    Surely, it's not too much to pay 1/8 of that to see an "A" international match eh :)

  3. Personally I believed that Singapore should take a better opponent than China. The National Day Challenge sounds weird to my ears, but a more appealing name will be "President's Cup"

    Singapore should take on teams like Denmark, Estonia, Latvia instead than China, unless due to political issue(s).

    I believed for this friendly, I dun expect a 55,000 sea of reds, but a more sensible crowd of at least 12,000.

  4. Hi Razak,

    I believe factors like the availability might have decided who should be featured in this new event which I think is appropriately named since it's held in the NDP month.

    Yes, do agree that we might not be expecting a full house but any figure above your quoted number shall see as a boast for more good things to come

    Just spread the word around !!

  5. I think we can look forward to seeing more PRCs than Singaporeans. A sad and sorry truth.

  6. Hi "The Girl",

    I don't deny that we gonna see sizable number of Chinese expat at the game as past experience shown they would always made their presence felt.

    But call me optimistic on this if you want I'm sure as well larger number of LOCAL supporters would turn out as well to prove that the stadium is KALLANG (after that "ugly" incident on the 26th Jul).

    If they decided to ditch aside some of their prejudiced view on local football, I'm sure the whole country would behind the 11 red-men on the field - "regardless of race, language or religion"..

    "Untuk Bangsa Dan Negara"

  7. The best match will always be SG vs Malaysia.
    I'm very sure if they hype up the match, at least a strong crowd of 30,000 will turn up.

  8. Hi "Roo"..

    Just to quote a statement from Uncle Choo...

    "If we can only beat the Malaysian (state) team, how can we improve?"

    I would see this new event as a platform for the national team to at least have a game against some quality opponents every year.


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