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Food for thoughts

(Picture) snapped this at "Sakura" YCK stadium

I was at Yio Chu Kang the other day for a meal.

The dinning place was one of the two restaurants located at both ends of the Yio Chu Kang Stadium.

As far as I know beside YCK complex, various sporting complexes (e.g.: Jurong West, Tampines, Choa Chu Kang, etc.) around the island also have such dinning facilities incorporated into these premises.

Now, here comes the question - Does any of the S.League clubs thought of working out with these eateries to venture into corporate hospitality on the match days?

Just a tweak to the idea I mentioned before by having clubs venture into this business model that has been an important income earner in Europe.

As the matter of fact that clubs here do not own the stadium they based, thus it's impossible to have any dinning facility inside the stadium compound unless the SSC (the landlord) give the go-ahead.

With some of the grounds having this "ready-made" requirement so why not have a thought of it?

Basically the idea work like this: the club will host these corporate guests in one of these dinning places before the kick-off (i.e: Dinner Time).

After all the atmosphere inside such eatery would be more conducive as compared to the stadium itself.

Some kind of arrangements can be sorted out if these eateries can provide some perks to fans who attend the games (remember discount being offered by one seafood restaurant during the Malaysia Cup days by presenting the ticket stub).

Just rant an idea out again... any takers??


  1. FOOD FOR THOUGHTS - Good idea. should bring to d attention of the clubs

  2. A good idea but knwing S'pore businessmen, they only wnt to talk to the head which is FAS.

    So it cld help the clubs if FAS approached these business, acting for the clubs, to discuss any deals

    Only then will there be a chance of success

  3. Hi "Happy",

    The clubs cant simply wait for the FAS to take the lead in everything.

    Just be innovative and bold a bit to inject some bit of freshness into the scene..

    Need not have to wait for the guys at Jalan Besar to give the "go-ahead"

  4. Hi Pohui

    It nt abt FAS or clubs but more abt the business side as they wnt gurantee from a reliable source before backing a project

    Like GSS, w/o the government backing in the early years it will nvr hve got off, that why FAS backing (in the early years) r impt

    The Jurong-Pizza incident back in 99 also showcased the impt of backing from a reliable source as Jurong encountered problems w/o SSC or FAS backing first & hving agreed to terms (the business wnted) they cld nt fufilled, they nearly encountered legal problems

  5. Hi "Happy"..

    Catch your point... look like the clubs aren't ready to stand on their own just yet :P


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