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Product Review: Nike First Touch II FS - Varsity Royal

(P.S: This is my first attempt in writing product review, opinions expressed below are sole personal from the blogger himself , without any form of interference from whosoever entity or individual.)


"Wow!","Striking!" - those were the reactions from my friends upon the unveiled of " Nike First Touch II FS - Varsity Royal" (as illustrated above).

The first impression of this footwear is the eye-catching glossy royal blue coloured leather top.

Cushioned padding around the ankle area of this shoe is critical, as twisting and turning revolving the ankle is a common motion when playing futsal.

Although it fitted in nicely, it's bit tight, however just right (some players would prefer a little more room for the feet, rather than being tight-fitting).

As this is not your typical conventional soccer boots that are fitted with screwed or moulded studs, I think these shoes also make an ideal footwear for your daily outdoor activities.

The try-out of the shoes was finally completed this evening after work.

I managed to rope in a working friend of me as a technical adviser on all aspects regarding the shot taking (statically and dynamic as well).

Lining up for pile-driver (man, the feeling was good!)

Hooked the ball up on a flick

Trying a low driver...

An eye for the ball

Don't worry, I saw the lamppost..

I don't deny the fact that I still feel a bit sore on the last toe of my right foot.

I guess it's due to the different cutting of this NIKE footwear, as my workplace footwear also size 8 but offer a little room space for my toes unlike the "tight fitted-in" of "First Touch II FS" (a problem which I was told will overcome gradually by wear them often).

For one, its glossy royal blue outlook is enough to grab the attention and its outer layer is well-crafted to allow players to control, passing the ball with ease, not forget to mention making long, powerful shot using it!

Other than the mentioned glitch (more of personal discomfort due to own oversight), "First Touch II FS" is definitely worth the consideration if one is looking for a pair of futsal boots.

I certain hope I did not let anybody down throughout the whole review.

As a matter of fact, I have not played competitively for ages having self-imposed myself into earlier retirement :P

But the urge of simply juggling the ball is still always a joy and pleasure.

A short Clip on the "TRY-OUT"

Many thanks to Travis and Mason of "" for making this try-out possible and Viknesh for his technical help throughout the shooting.

To find out more and interested in making online purchasing on "Nike First Touch II FS - Varsity Royal", please click the link HERE


  1. Hey Brother Pohui! The shoes r cool bro! The colour combo is NICE man! U did a great job on the product review. Congrats brother!!!

  2. good job dude~

    thats a good review!


  3. hi Newater,

    as mentioned, at this stage, still feel a bit sore on my right toe.. should be ok after a while :) other than that it's fine ..

  4. Hi Po Hui.
    You said
    "Although it fitted in nicely, it's bit tight, however just right (some players would prefer a little more room for the feet, rather than being tight-fitting)."

    Some players like to wear their soccer boots, futsal shoes tight.
    1)You can really grip the show (thus disabling the shoe from rocketing out)

    2)The 'tightness' would make the player 'feel' the ball especially when shooting and whacking with the inner and upper part of the feet.

    3)Tight boots allow the player to feel greater control of the ball.

    4)Less injury, especially to the ankles and might also cause blisters to the sole of the feet.

    5)I myself put on double socks to make my boot's tighter.

    I hope this might explain why you find the shoes 'tight-fitting'



  5. Hey Pohui.

    So where can i buy this shoe? it looks nice.

    and how much roughly in SGD?

    - Leonard

  6. Hi Leonard,

    I'm not sure if it's available in Singapore and the price as well...maybe you wanna check if the shops in Peninsular or Queensway?

    But do make sure u get the correct size ..

    Thanks for coming in :)

  7. It looks quite different from a regular soccer boots. But I really like the color, it is unique. You are right, you can wear it for everyday activities.

    You made a good review for the Nike boots. Great job!


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