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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Basic to the basic...

Snapped this picture from the train, while on my way to a game.

Can't remember where it was but that's not the issue, rather one thing that came to my mind was - shouldn't the game be played in the most basic manner like what depicted in the picture?

It seems that most of us seems to forget the most basic element of the game - Having fun.

Sure, I know there's a lot of folks outhere still having their "kickabout" session every weekend around the island, though the saddest thing I can't help but having that feeling on those guys slogging out for a living on the field, those so-called "full-timers".

In a time where money and winning are so important that I wonder if those star players on the field really enjoy themselves like those amateurs having fun on an ad-hoc basis?


  1. that's taken from kembangan station.

  2. Are you sure? I thought Kembangan at first but then I don't remember that playground and they are usually playing a mixture of cricket and football there.

    Plus the scene looks more like the north south line to me...


  3. Plus the scene looks more like the north south line to me...

    It is along East-West Line ..

  4. it is kembangan. they renovated the whole place.


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