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Instant Reaction: Though din make thru but it was a perfect end ....

FIFA website shown the stats as at the stoppage time

Game over...

It's another end of the chapter following this win at Beirut.

Cheers boys, at least we won the last game and being the first team to score against the Uzbeks.

Take this as a good learning curve and I'm pretty sure that few years down the road, this current crop of players will be enshrined being one of the best teams played for the country.. (after all, we have never been come to this far, right?)

See you guys back home :)


  1. I think it was a good effort.

    I think Singapore have shown that they are a high middle ranking nation.

    Not quiet up their with the best of Asia, but can put away the lower ranked nations, and the majorty of the middle ranked nations.

    Asian Cup qualification will be good to see, aswell as for Brazil 2014, should be good to see if they can progress.

    Saudi and Uzbeks, were always going to be a hard task, so thewy have done themselves proud and something to build on

  2. Whatever the critics says the Lions ahve done our nation proud...I know people are droning about their 7-3 loss to the Uzbeks but heck, ask yourselves how often does a team score 3 goals and still end up the losing side? Kudos to beong the first to net against the Uzbeks not once but thrice!!

    To those dudes who are only"fair-weathered" football fans - I mean YOU who propbably had a Man u jersey, a blackburn one, arsenal as well as..and oh yah yah...the blue of chelsea....YOU who are only there to support when the Lions are winning...I urge you to WAKE UP and start supporting the local boys!!

    There was once we were not even close enough to smell the air of Beirut or Saitama...and today we are challenging head on with the big boys of Asia...This is prove enough of the improvement the local boys have made and of cos I for one will be sitting tight awaiting for the day the Lions qualify for the World Cup....


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