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Challenge with 140-character limit (utilizing "Twitter")

(Picture credit and edited with permission from Gan Meng Yeow)

Since I switched to iPhone, I have been heavily utilizing the "Twitter" related applications (such as "TweetDeck" and "TweetDeck") on this wonderful gadget (as pictured above and to think the fact that I once proclaimed I'm not an APPLE user).

Straight to the point, with the popularizing of this revolutionized handset that almost everyone is carrying nowadays. I think making full use of the social media tools such as "Twitter" and "Facebook" would do more good than harm.

While I am aware the league authority and some clubs also have their own "tweets" and "FB" presence, but in my presence opinion those are rather under-utilized.

Under-used in a sense, it's nothing more than just trying to squeeze everything like the latest information, match updates within the 140-character limit.

So this is why I making use of the picture uploading function offered by the two "Twitter" apps to see if we could reach out to a wider audience through them?

And below are some of the pictures I snapped and tweeted instantly after each occurrence (the text in the green font was exactly what I tweeted with the date beside it link the URL of the actual tweet).

Geylang's coach mike wong happy with 1 pt but hope for 3 but felt etoile are on a high now - 29th March 2010 **
HT at Queenstown as Etoile came from behind to level with Geylang at 1-1 - 29th March 2010 **
Gamba Osaka having their warming up prior the kick off against SAF - 23rd March 2010 **
HU coach Paul Lee broke his silence over Peres MIA, brave act of his indeed as he " don't want to lie." - 20th March 2010 **
Beijing coach was sent off for running onto the field, good decision by referee - 19th March 2010 **
3-3 HUFC came back in 2nd half to level and jolt the french momentum - on 14th March 2010 **
(** P.S.: The removal of obsolete links to those expired tweets on 12th November 2021)


  1. Hmmm, if you think that "140 letter" limit is a constraint, there are some iPhone applications that support Twitlonger (allows you to tweet with a link at the back if you type more than 140 characters). Check out

    Only one of the apps that support it on the iPhone isn't a "paid app". If you're still comfortable with TweetDeck, you'll have to "tahan" the 140 character limit.

    Have fun tweeting!

  2. Hi Yan Yi,

    The beauty of the twitter is the 140-character limit, which "insist" user "2 get d msg straight across w/o beating ard d bush", so I thought, using "twitlonger" might defeat the purpose.

    But thanks for sharing with us :)

  3. @Pohui

    Yes indeed it's the beauty of Twitter. You're welcome.

  4. The 140-character limit is a challenge that many of us used to writing fulltext SMSes have no problems getting around - you just have to be to the point, and make sure there is a point. <--- anti-txtspk rant.


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