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It's the MENTALITY that decides...

(P.S: As I will be out-station for a while, it would not be too good to leave this place empty.)

Like I mentioned it's a collective effort from everyone to see this blog continue to excel, so this blog entry here is rather spontaneous in a sense that it was conceived after a brief chatter with a friend over the phone.

During our short tele-conversation, he suggested a change in everyone's mentality shall be in place, should we see the successful implementation of the "Strategic Plan".

He stressed that some "stick-in-the-mud" kind of attitude of some in the fraternity should be removed in order to see our football go forward.

He went on added that with new ACL regulation, he doubt we can make because of 2 criteria - the mandatory promo/relegation system and the minimum 5k attendance at each game.

So at the end of the day, would you guys agree that even given the grand, comprehensive strategic plan that detailed every thing, would the whole thing WOULD DERAIL if all of us DON'T CHANGE OUR MENTALITY?

My thought is that like I mentioned before it's important to embark the Strategic Plan (SP) on a blank piece of mind, without any historical baggage being dragged down by the Old "GOAL 2010" plan.

Although, I still felt that we can't blindly implement the "promo/relegation" system just to satisfy the ACL criteria, given the constraint we have (recalled I suggested a "play-off" system instead?)

5000/game is a dream but have we asked around those of us when approached the first thing that come to their mind is "got free tickets ah?"...

So it's really us who can create and even break it if we don't change....

(This is posting I posted on the blog's FB group, should you wish to contribute any thought spontaneously of your won, please join as a member to share your ideas with us)


  1. a lot of negativity in local football. need a strong pr man well connected to local media to feed positive news constantly and change negative perception.


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