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"In an interview with Yahoo! Singapore, Zainudin (Nordin, FAS President) reiterated that the S-league will not become a "poorer cousin" once the LionsXII start their Malaysia Cup campaign."

Friday, August 24, 2007

Some "hidden" comment surfaced .. Finally

I always have this problem of understand the meaning of "backlinks".

And the meantime, I also wondered why there were "22 comments need to be moderated" whenever I logon to my dashboard.

Only to realize in my early blogging days, I set "moderate" mode to the "comment/feedback" setting.

Gosh!! What have I done?? as I carelessly kept a well-written comment on one of the earliest blog entries!!

Sincerely apology to the Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr or whosoever who wrote that comment..

(P.s: Look a bit "packed"..interested viewers may wish to click onto the link and have a clearer view of it.)

BoLASEPaKO - a simple view on Singapore Soccer: Heading Down Under:

"1 Feedback from the viewer(s): Anonymous said...

i agree with you that australia would be an ideal environment for our local lads. even some of the teams in the state league are becoming professional. arguably, the a-league has about the same standard of the english championship. the setup, managment and administration are definitely better than s-league. not to mention the money involved. however, our local lads lack opportunities and contacts to make a trip to the down under possible. like what the national coach, raddy avramovic did for noh alam shah, when he recommended alam shah to notts county. our local players don't have the luxury of having football agents. someone who knows people in football, send tapes and sacrifice their time and even money to see a footballer become successful. i will not doubt that lionel lewis, shahril ishak, indra sahdan and alam shah can succeed in australia. they just lack opportunity, it not that they don't want to... cheers 11:50 PM "

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