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Videocast: Hitting the rock-bottom isn't as bad as it look

- Videoclip of the match between Young Lions and Sengkang Punggol

Sounds a bit funny by saying that in the case of the Young Lions, who had just lost to the cellar-dwellers Sengkang Punngol at the Jalan Besar stadium.

Since the news of the national under-23 football team (to be made up of mainly Young Lions squad) are going to the Asian Games end of this year, the form of the team has been appalling, much to the dismay of those who are concerned about if the same outcome like the last SEA Games would resurfaced again to haunt the team.

Anyway, I would rather see that as a blessing in disguise.

Yes, they may be hitting the bad patches lately (having played so many games this season) but would you rather see that happened now or later in Doha?

Take a leaf from the recent World Cup finalists, the Italians and the French.

Were they, the fans' choice for being the finalists? Did the media gave them a damn at the start of the tournament?

Nope, they did not but both the French and the Italians rose to the occasion and peaked at the right time to stun the world.

Just like our Tiger Cup victory last year, we were not expected to capture the biggest prize in South East Asian football but we did.

So with that, let's hope that some of that "last minute miracle" could happen once again, unlike prior the start of the last SEA Games, when everybody were hyped up in believe we could win that elusive gold which never happend.


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