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Rams Gutted...

Thought should have this post updated last night but it was late and tired after reaching home from Woodlands at around 11.30pm.

The rain was pouring prior the start of the match between Woodlands and Tampines that the referee decided to push the kick-off to 8pm.

Anyway, the match concluded without the repeat of last year's "walk-out" (Thank Goodness)

But I just can't help but feel sorry for the Woodlands Rams, for the second time in four days, undeserving drop some crucial points.

At CCK last Saturday, the last 15 minutes of madness saw Woodlands threw any at least a point against the defending champions - SAFFC.

While last night, while they thought they might be leap-frogged to fourth position but only to see Tampines levelled the scores with the last kick of the game from their badly exposed left of their defensive wall.

Hard luck men but these are the mistakes you guys shouldn't made... Bear that in mind :P


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