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Luncheon at "Carousel" with Young Lions and Beijing Guoan Talent

The Luncheon at "Carousel"

Representatives from Young Lions (YL) and Beijing Guoan Talent FC (BGT) met at "Carousel" at Royal Plaza of Scotts for a luncheon for the first time since the mass brawl that took place on the 7th of September at the Jalan Besar Stadium

This luncheon session allowed both parties to make their stand on the unpleasant incident that caused quite a stir in both Singapore and China with both Young Lions and Beijing Guoan Talent reiterating that tough disciplinary actions will be shown to those perpetrators. 

In the meantime, representatives from the two teams expressed their sincere regret and apology to the fans and public, while pleading for forgiveness for those involved in the mass brawl.

Mr Eugene Loo making a short speech

Mr Eugene Loo, the team manager of the Young Lions (pictured above, on extreme right) in his welcome speech thanks their guests for turning up for the luncheon and amid the ongoing Hari Raya celebration, he hopes both sides will forgive each other in the spirit the festival preaches for. 

Mr Loo also added the team will fully cooperate with the Disciplinary Committee during the investigation and accept whatever decision the committee undertakes.

Mr Wei Kexing of Beijing Guoan FC

Mr Wei Kexing (pictured above) is the Deputy General Manager of Beijing Guoan Football Club - the parent club of Beijing Guoan Talent FC, affirmed the club's position in the statement they made earlier and doesn't rule the possibility of the expulsion of any player from the club if found guilty. 

Mr Wei also shows his appreciation to the league authority and the local media for the help and support they had given to his club's feeder side since joining the S.League.

Mr Wei shaking hand with YL coach V Sundram moorthy

Lastly, he extends his club's invitation to the National U23 team aka The Cubs, who are to be taking part in November's Asia Games, to their training base for their preparation prior to the meet.

YL's Hariss Harun and BGT's Zhang

Captains of both sides - Young Lions' Hariss Harun (pictured above, left) present a box of festive goodies to his counterpart Zhang Zhaohui at the end of the luncheon session.


  1. Why i sense a huge wayang atmosphere.... =\

  2. Mingji,

    It's important to have clear mindset/perspective on this outing held yesterday.

    Luncheon as such, is a necessary step minimize the impact of the damages done and it's a positive sign to see the sincerity from both team to mend the fence (those who were there would agree with me).

    What really sadden me is that the incident had been magnified to a bigger stage which is deemed unnecessary and uncalled for.

  3. Pohui

    You are just being brain washed by the main-stream media and the relevant management. So much that you fail to see the bigger picture beyond the incident. Sorry if it sounds harsh.

  4. Hi "マサシ",

    True to my knowledge, I did not deleted anything from you on whatever comment/opinion you posted when I don't recall received any from "マサシ" in the first place, unless it is not in line with the rules.

    If you felt your point is valid you are most welcome to re-post it again.

    However, I would like to add that the moderation measure is in place not because to weed out opinions that don't share the same perspective with me.

    Rather it is because of the recent surge of SPAM comments that flooded blogs hosted by BLOGGER that I decided to switch on the "moderation" mode.

    Thanks for your kind attention.


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