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[Instant Reaction] 北京国安为新联赛第十二只球队

(P.S: The Chinese text in the title says - "Beijing Guoan confirmed as the 12th team of S.League")

The logo of Beijing Guoan FC (picture credit: Logowik **)

The dust had settled as it was declared CSL club Beijing Guoan will join Etoile FC as the debutantes for Season 2010, which is scheduled to kick off on 1st February. 

The announcement of the decision is much to the dismay of many fans who are clamouring for more local flavours in Singapore's only professional league (i.e.: praying for the returning of the likes of Sembawang Rangers, Jurong FC, etc.)

Unfortunately, the league authority stood by their “foreign team will bring in flavour and lift the playing standard (although, it wasn't the case all the time except for Albirex's first season and Super Reds' 2008 season)” theory with the last slot being given to the team hailed from the Chinese capital. 

I am aware that the news is not well-received by the fans, but the decision is FINAL and time should not be wasted on debate or justifying these teams' inclusion. 

Don't get me wrong if I sounded "pro-management". 

I am disappointed with the decision to not allow Super Reds to compete as a local club, as many jobless local players, who were offloaded by their former clubs at the end of last year, are pinning for a career revival should this once Korean-based club was being given the "go-ahead" (it was reported as many as 200 players turned up at their selection trial in late last year). 

Since the decision is made, life just has to be carried on and quoted what TODAY's sports editor Leonard Thomas mentioned in his column (TODAY: Fans won't appreciate lack of professionalism **) days ago. 

"If they do get the green light, the clubs (Etoile and Beijing) will have to work even harder to convince the people in their respective catchment areas to come out and back them." wrote Thomas in his 13th January article.

Not only the mentioned teams but also the decision-makers who have to justify their decision and convince those disillusioned common folks out there – WHY are we continuing this process? 

Unless it's part of the routine already to have this swapping and changing of clubs at this time of every year.

(** Update of the logo source and insertion of the link to the mentioned TODAY article which is made available on the NewspaperSG on 5th November 2021)


  1. Quoted from CNA's news on the inclusion of both Beijing and Etoile,

    "With the growing popularity of the Singapore league, organisers are seriously considering having a promotion and relegation system, and will announce more details in a few months."

    Having a promo/relegation system is not feasible in a small population and island like Singapore.

    I still felt the "post-season play-off" is still one option we can explore

  2. Growing popularity of the Sleague??? Are u sure?

    Btw the constant chopping and change of teams will never gather strong fan base for the clubs.

    If the FAS has the resources why dont they put it to revive tanjong pagar and sembawabg rangers, rather than put in those tom dick harry china clubs?

  3. To be honest here, all 3 candidates are not very strong in this year.

    Yishun Super Reds - Suspected financial strength and squad strength. Loss of its original Korean flavour.

    Etoile FC - A team out of nowhere with no local fan base headed by a group of young punks. Promise a lot but may deliver little in the end. Reminds me of Sporting Afrique and Sinchi.

    Bejing Guoan - Do I need to elaborate more about tiong team in Singapore?

    My preferred scenario would be the status quo i.e. Korea Super Reds remain as foreign team and DPMM still in the fold. However knowing that it is impossible, and with the new applicants are of dodgy quality, why does FAS not consider starting season 2010 with 10 teams instead?

  4. First and foremost: "Growing popularity"?

    Anyway, the promotion/relegation system is in line with the requirement set out by the AFC in order to participate in the Champions League. Feasible a not is not a concern. Got read a not?

    If the League has so many applicants, why not put all of them in and let them play 2 times a season than the current 3 times?

    And this decision is going against the League's claim of wanting to promote local footballers. Yishun Reds have many players who were being released by their clubs and thinking that joining this club can revive their playing careers. Where are they going to find a club at this short juncture?

    And Etioile FC sounds like a Sporting Afrique. I bet my last pennies that they would finish in the Bottom 3, not sign the Cameroonian defender and claim that the weather does not suit them.

    One question: Why house them in Queenstown when it is so out of the way? And the ultimate slap in the face for Yishun Reds is when Beijing Guo'an is housed at Yishun Stadium.

    Would not it make more sense to put the China team at Queenstown - since all the previous Chinese teams are there? In addition, other more convinient stadiums like Bukit Gombak Stadium are not considered?

    FAS, you are really Freaking As$hole Sh*t.

    I pity the local players!

  5. FAS scouting scheme is flawed. Last time they also say those China team "STRONG" "STABLE" what a load of crap. I'm saying the whole of the FAS should be revamp by people who actually play football. Just look at our national team how many foreigners are there? How many cups have we won? Look at the direction Malaysia is going they send back all the foreign players and their league actually improved and the national team improved. And its being coached by a MALAYSIAN. I'm just saying if you want our league to improve give our players a chance. S League is a joke of a league if every year we change the teams. Think about it.

  6. Hi folks,

    This is a hotly debatable topic and I'm aware it's emotionally charging as well, but I plead all to maintain the sense of decorum in your comments.

    Name-calling, even in "veiled" or whatsoever form, is strongly discouraged.

    Thank you for your input...

  7. I would like to ask FAS whether it is a very PROUD thing to let foreign teams to participate in our own DOMESTIC football league? I really wonder if the 'S' in the S League stands for 'Singapore'? Don't they learnt from the past lessons of those crappy foreign teams?

    It is the best if the S League can go back to the good old days where there are only true blue local teams!

  8. Bring back the local teams Jurong ,Tiong Bahru and Sembawang Rangers. Why don't FAS wakeup and listen to what the fans have to say? I felt the Super Reds did the right thing by identifying with the locals by changing its name to Yishun Reds. Why must FAS consider a China team again have they not learned from past mistakes??

  9. I have been a very unlucky supporter of the Sleague.

    I used to attend a lot of JurongFc matches becoz Sundram was there, but closed down.

    I also frequent Gombak's matches becoz Gombak stadium was so close to my house. Same thing.. closed down.

  10. Gombak did nt closed down

    They just move to Jurong West & before qn are asked why

    Here are the stadiums that cannot be used by football

    Bukit Gombak is for SAAA. Yio Chu Kang is for rugby. Serangoon stadium have been deem unsuitable for football unless one is willing to spend $ to revamp it.

  11. i really dont know what is going on inside the FAS management...

    Can the fans vote for their own football president in future?
    Why is a rugby player like john koh able to become their vice president?

  12. I can sense from this discussion is

    1) People have views and want Sleague and our Lions to do well, but the management is NOT listening

    2) If the distance between management and the fans continue to pull apart, the Sleague will lose fans and eventually quality.

    The time is now to act.

    Pohui - I disagree that we should just "accept" the decision because there is no need to be force-fed. If the voices of anguish is united it WILL be heard.

  13. We are the top 10 league in the asia U KNOW! we blow the trumpet from east to west north to south all round the world:0

  14. DY...heard already

    NAS already said that they have stagnated and need to wake up.

    But they still boast they are top 10 asia foot


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