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[Countdown to Season2010] Geylang United 2-3 Woodlands Wellington [edited]

(P.S: I think I made a blooper out of this fixture, must be the heat of the 5pm that heat-stroked me.. I'm sorry for the mistake made earlier with necessary amendment made accordingly.)

For the record, the match concluded with a 3-2 victory for the Rams over the Eagles - the two glamour teams way back in the founding year of the league (remember 28,000 paying fans witnessed a top-of-table clash between perennial powerhouse Geylang United and "New Kids On the Block" Woodlands Wellington at the National Stadium in 1996's Tiger Beer Series?).

Anyway, managed to rush from Hougang to Bedok for this friendly fixture under the scorching sun is by no mean an easy feat.

It's not because the journey involved, rather the fact that heat was unbearable as the sunlight was so bright that it's rather difficult to snap some shots using my S2000, due to its setting limitations.

Former Eagles skipper Noor Ali (pictured left) now with Woodlands in the customary coin-toss with his counterpart Miroslav Latiak (only few months ago they lifted the Singapore Cup together).

As the new season is yet to kick-off, it's common to see swapped jerseys during the friendlies (eg: the number 20 wore by Noor Ali last season was "recycled" as depicted above)

While Geylang's new signing Itimi Dickson (above) was spotted wearing Farhan Farook's number 14

Of course, for those retained like Adrian Danaraj gets to wear his last season's kit (his number - 12).

Laakkad Abdelhadi (in front) in action - having taken a break from football for a year for his recuperating from his injury, the Moroccan marksman is eager to lit up the fire like he did before.

Winston Yap (the player in yellow jersey) is a journey man in Singapore football, whose career saw he played for SAFFC, Gombak United and Sengkang Punggol, he actually owns a title medal which he won with Geylang in 2001.

A close-up shot of the action in second half.

While a young fan was spotted watching the game from behind the net.

Geylang's head coach Mike Wong (pictured left) chats with Technical Director Seak Poh Leong, after the game.


  1. Po Hui, time for me to take a backseat on the league but hey, it's "will NOT" not "WILL not"..

  2. Well done, Pohui

    There are few like U who will travel & do so much for Spore football

  3. who scored for woodlands?

  4. Hi "Anonymous",

    Based on the "Dream Team Steam" (

    Geylang United FC 2-3 Woodlands Wellingtion FC

    37” Vasile Ghindaru , 47” Miroslav Latiak

    36” 62"Lakkad Abdelhadi, 50” Kazuki Yoshino

    I'm sorry I wasn't really able to concentrate on the game as I was struggling with my camera settings then

  5. Hi "happy"..

    Thanks and let's help each other to lift the level of awareness of local game with our means

    Hi "Jing Yih",

    Thanks for your support, but please don't digress from the content of the entry unnecessarily

  6. Thank you bro. Woodlands fan here. excited about the upcoming season with laakad back. will he be partnering gunthur up front or will he be playing as a lone striker?

  7. hi "Anonymous" (posted on 25th Jan),

    My observation is Laakkad played as a lone striker in those Rams friendlies I saw, with Guntur came in later part of both friendlies.

  8. is gunthur any good? he came from saffc right? does he have potential?

  9. did woodlands made any new signings beside winston yap,noor ali and guntur?

  10. Hi "Anonymous" (posted on 26th Jan),

    It was hard for me to pass judgement on Guntur,but let's hope he'll shine for the Rams..

    As for the new signings, you may wish to check out this link ( detailed some insights of the new signings.


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