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Why are we waiting?

Frustration - you can't deny that as we are less than ONE month away from the season 2010 kick-off and we are still clueless of the league fixtures because the identities of the "11th and 12th" teams are yet to be announced.

It's nothing dissimilar like last year at this round of time and patient on the ground are running thin, as the league authority has been kept mum other than "the reviewing and assessment" of those biding clubs.

Other than China's Beijing Guoan and a revamped Super Reds, that will be comprised with mainly local players and four foreign signings, are the only clubs being identified by the media, the details of rest of the other bidding parties have been sketchy and murky.

Given some benefit of doubts that these clubs may be able to "add colours and lift the standard" of the league, but WHO are they anyway to see fans identity with them in their designated region?

Unless, we are being told "community outreach" is not a priority in the selection criteria.

The bottom-line is you can build a team in a space of days, but it takes years to establish as a CLUB.

I believe the league authority itself is sick and tire of this "year-end" routine like most fans and other clubs do, but why are they fervently stick to this suicidal formula?

Sustainability is something missing here, it rather sad that before one of those "short-lived" clubs could establish themselves, the moment they were out of the picture due to various reasons.


  1. I think the delay in finalizing the teams are due to the last minute application from Harimau Muda team. I think the FAS are in favour of them joining our league, and they should too because not only are they a good side, they might rekindle some Malaysia Cup rivalry which will benefit the league. And not forgetting the exposure of the s-league brand/sponsors to the malaysian market. Remember, this team is currently the darling of malaysia after winning the gold medal at the sea games.

  2. What I want- the 10 confirmed team PLUS Harimau Muda, Beijing Guoan,Yishun Reds & DPMM.

    Yes, 14 teams playing 2 ROUNDS of football with the top 8 qualifying for post season AFL STYLE PLAYOFF SYSTEM(as mentioned by Pohui.

    If this happens this year I'm a happy man.

  3. Hi "monster"...

    I raised the question over the selection criteria of the clubs in my 2005's review (

    And take a look at the list of clubs come-and-go - Paya Lebar Punggol (merged with Sengkang Marine to form Sengkang Punggol after a season), Sporting Afrique, Liaoning Guangyuan, Dalian Shide Siwu, DPMM, etc.

    It's not about having a sizable league to fill up the league fixture, it's about the clubs' sustainability and how professional the league is run!

    Can fans identify with the new team based in the vicinity they're staying? something the existing clubs are struggling to do so, let alone these new entrants.

    Super Reds, for example on few occasions had been talking about setting up a fan club, so when is it going to fulfill?

    Before we can talk about some other plans and vision, we need to get to fix the loopholes (even though,I did suggested the "post-regular season playoff" to spice the league).

  4. Hi Pohui, I truly understand what you are saying. But I really really see the potential in this. Look at the 4 clubs i want in...
    DPMM- An established club with a larger fanbase than any other club in the s-league. Based in Brunei.

    HARIMAU MUDA- Run by the FAM. Premier League and sea games champs. Malaysians believe this team will bring back past glory. Based in Johor or Malacca probably.

    BEIJING GUOAN- 2009 CSL champs. Another established club which produced one or two players that are playing in Europe e.g Shao Jiayi. Has connections with Real Madrid and Ajax. Should be based in Queenstown Stadium. Lets hope they can attract the many Chinese nationals that are here in S'pore.

    YISHUN REDS- This is the only problem club i perceive. But i remember Sembawang Rangers with the passion it had and the young footballers it produced. The chairman looks serious and maybe they will influence some korean style football to young local players in the future.

  5. Having said that, I really want the playoff system implemented. There are too many seasons when a lot of fans lose interest because their team has nothing to play for with a couple of matches to go.
    The AFL style playoff system will make it more interesting because teams will want to finish as high as possible in the league as it will mean an easier passage to the championship in the post season. Even weaker clubs like Balestier, Sengkang, Woodlands can have a "relegation" battle to fight for the 8th and last playoff spot.

  6. Why can't the S League goes back to the good old days where there are only true bliue local teams in it? Why FAS doesn't do anything to revive Tanjong Pagar United, Jurong FC and SEmbawang Rangers?

  7. Hi "Anonymous"...

    The key is the sustainability, as we all recalled that those 3 "sit-out" clubs made their way out due to finance difficulties.

    If the club is that firmly rooted in the vicinity it based, I see not reason why any form of "local" cash donation drive can't pull those club back, but the reason is are those people behind those "sit-out" clubs put their house in order already to see them knock the doors at JBS again, like Gombak did?


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