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Itimi and Agu In a Limbo?

(Picture taken early this year, with Itimi facing the camera after the Lions final training session prior the Tiger Cup Final)

These two guys been under intense scrutiny, following their far from satisfactory performance in the recently concluded SEA Games.

Now following their release from the Young Lions, both Agu Casmir and Itimi Dickson will be wasting no time to seek a new employing club.

Unfortunately, their current form and high wages have been the stumbling blocks.

Which is why this blogger would like to ask, what if both of them can't secure a new contract, is there any aid for these naturalized citizens should they remained out of job?

After all, being paid to kick the ball is probably the only thing they can do to earn a living and also being a full time sportsman, there are always risks like nagging injuries that could shorten one's career.

Which is way this blogger is kind of worry, what if Agu remains an injury prone player and (touch wood!) being forced to end his career prematurely, would that be any help or assistance provided to cater this scenario?

Perhaps, those worries had been taken into consideration before they decide to assimilate into the paper-chase, status cautious Singapore society.

If not, some aid or scheme should be in placed to provide necessary assistance, should the need arises.


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