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We deserve a better bite, eh!!

It seems that most of the times, we are left with very limited choice but endured ourselves to the sometimes tasteless, bland food available at the grounds.

Just to name a few of these "staples"
· Mee Goreng
· Mee Siam (dry version)
· Hotdog rolls
· Spring Rolls (popiah)
· Gigantic samosa with potato fillings

· and etc.

Nothing wrong with these foods sold at the ground, the only complaint was that, most of the times, they were made ready available in those microwave oven box or served inside those disposable plastic bags.(Like this box of mee goreng, you see on the left)

Which is why sometimes l do admire those fans at the sporting arena in the States, where the hotdogs rolls and other snacks are cooked right on the spot and serve once ready unlike the bland and often tasteless "makan" we
have over here.

We can't blame these vendors for not able to cook and serve right on the spot, probably because of the stringent hygiene regulations that probhited them from doing so.

Which is often, I would rather packed my meal on my way to the ground unless time constraint don't allow me to do so.

Perhaps, It would be nice for the regulators to lax a bit by allowing food vendors to prepare and serve the food on the spot like those in the overseas.

Aflerall, it's all about enjoyment while attending a ball game, isn't it


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