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Video Referee - not always the BEST but viable, however....

(Picture) Sad for the fact that negative story as such will hit the front pages and common folks would then take notice of the local game for the wrong reasons. Days after the black Sunday, Leonard Thomas, the sports editor of TODAY urged the FAS to make a bold initiative by implementing the use of video-referee at the matches to address this nagging issue (above). However, one must bear in mind that using such technology may not necessarily solve the issue overnight. Furthermore, several factors need to be taken care of should the league authority decided to push ahead. Logistical Soon expensive equipment have to be installed and more manpower will have to be deployed on match days if the league authority decided to give the go-ahead. Are we ready for this in the unfavourable financial climate when prudence is the key? Time The game has to be halted should the referee decided to consult the video referee. Time must be added on to compensate the loss of time incurred due to t

The Crunch match...but it was after 30 minutes

THE SHORT TAKE OF THE GAME Barely 30 minutes into the game, the defending champions SAFFC shown that being the more experienced side given them the much-needed composure in the attacking front. Two goals in a space of seven minutes by Korean winger Park Tae Won done well to jolt the momentum of Tampines Rovers who struggled to break into the Warriors heartlands in the first half. So what happened in the second half could well perceived as another segment added on to the ongoing Stags-Warriors feud that captivated the league followers this season. (Picture) Tampines fans felt their team were let down again by the poor handling of the game. Due respect given to young referee Muhd Taqi who tried his best to stamp his authority, but it wasn't good enough as some of the decisions did not go down too well with the fans. One of which was the controversial sending off of ace striker Noh Alam Shah (again!) in the second half. Instead of protesting against the decision like he did th

Q & A with Mr Ammar Sachak (aka A S Dwight), formerly with TODAY

INTRODUCTION Mr Ammar Sachak served his six-month internship with TODAY, the local free daily, under the pen name - "AS Dwight". During his time with the paper, the 19 year-old from Melbourne covered mainly S.League football and did some stories on the local sporting scene as well. In this Q & A session, Ammar shared with us his insights and opinions on local sports scene during his time in Singapore. (Picture) Ammar (left) with the blogger. Ammar's Q & A 1)Please do tell us a bit of yourself like your background. "I’m 19 years-old. I finished school in 2007 and in 2008 I completed the first year of my three-year Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) degree at RMIT University. I have always wanted to be involved with the media and thought my personality would be suited to journalism but now I am starting to think about going into PR! " 2)How and why did you end up in Singapore to do your internship as we always thought Australian sporting

[Event] : National Day Challenge 09: Singapore vs China at Kallang on 12 August 2009

(P.S: Below is a press release by Strategic Public Relations Group Singapore, a renowned public relations consultancy who are coordinating the above-mentioned event) Singapore, 28 July 2009 NATIONAL DAY CHALLENGE KICKS OFF WITH GRUDGE MATCH Singapore Lions takes on China to launch new football event Singapore – In celebration of Singapore’s National Day, the Singapore National Team will play China to kick off a new annual football event – the National Day Challenge. Continuing Singapore’s birthday celebrations, the Lions will hope to win the first ever National Day Challenge against the Chinese national team which will take place on 12 August at the National Stadium. The National Day Challenge 2009 is the brainchild of local sports and marketing consultancy firm, The Red Card Pte Ltd which is headed by former national footballer R. Sasikumar. According to Sasikumar, there are plans in place to bring other international teams. Asian giants, Japan have already been identified f

Instant Reaction: Singapore 0-5 Liverpool (edited)

(Picture from TV) Doesn't this trophy looks like the Malaysia Cup ? It was a soft, deflected goal from Andriy Voronin at the stroke of first half and the lapse in an indiscipline Singapore' backline in the second half saw the visiting the Liverpool ended their Singapore "holiday training camp" with a win over the hosting Lions at the heaven-know-when-will-tear-down National Stadium. To be honest, I thought we did well to hold the 18-time English Champions for large part of the first half until that Voronin's strike. But sad to say though that lack of discipline and composure eluded the Lions as they cracked as the game progressed. What a shame as it was an ONE half performance, but NO SHOW in the second. SOME REACTIONS FROM MY "FACEBOOK" LIST (Some instant reactions from my "facebook" contact) "thinks it's a shame we didn't give Pool a better fight... Better defending could definitely have prevented 2-3 of the goals!"