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The Crunch match...but it was after 30 minutes

Barely 30 minutes into the game, the defending champions SAFFC shown that being the more experienced side given them the much-needed composure in the attacking front.

Two goals in a space of seven minutes by Korean winger Park Tae Won done well to jolt the momentum of Tampines Rovers who struggled to break into the Warriors heartlands in the first half.

So what happened in the second half could well perceived as another segment added on to the ongoing Stags-Warriors feud that captivated the league followers this season.

(Picture) Tampines fans felt their team were let down again by the poor handling of the game.

Due respect given to young referee Muhd Taqi who tried his best to stamp his authority, but it wasn't good enough as some of the decisions did not go down too well with the fans.

One of which was the controversial sending off of ace striker Noh Alam Shah (again!) in the second half.

Instead of protesting against the decision like he did the last time when these two sides last met in Choa Chu Kang, "Ah Long" ran straight out of the field without being dragged out of the field.


Former MP of Tampines GRC and Tampines Rovers' club adviser, Mr Yatiman Yusof (above) felt poor refereeing decisions had caused his team the game and he decided to speak to the media after he felt the outcome of the game was the "last straw" to him.

SAFFC coach Richard Bok (above) credited his team's victory for "good discipline and a professional job done by the players" and singled Stags' midfielder Sutee Suksomkit as the main threat in the game.

Despite on an eight point cushion, the Warriors' head coach refused to rule out the title hopes of those trailing behind them on the league table.

Tampines coach Vorawan Chitavanich maintained Noh Alam Shah's sending off was not justifiable and felt experienced referee should have been appointed to officiate a game such as this importance.

While he acknowledged that defensive errors in the first half that resulted the Park's goals, he felt that if he was able to field a full squad the match would be evenly-matched.


  1. The next thing I knew was this feisty incident hit the headlines of TODAY hours later after the posting of this entry.

    I was asked by whoever at my workplace what was it all about and isn't it always the sad case that unfortunate incident as such would always trigger lengthy discussion among those folks we try to convince them to come to the stadium?

    I'll b having a HARD time to convince common folks to watch S.League if referees' standard continue to plummet to new lows

  2. when will FAS take actions on complains abt our referees? their performance never seem to improve. Lets hope they will act on it fast.

  3. The league authority are well aware of the issue but the tricky part is where and which to start off, as the problem is too wide and too big and too hot to handle..

    Agree that things must be done asap before more fans will drift away...

    Already got some fans shouted, "Close the S.League if this is the kinda of referee we have here", right after this game.

  4. 1 postive out of all this is a rivalry can be build up btn Tampines vs SAFFC

    Will NAS be send off for the third time against SAFFC come the last game of the season

  5. Aiya cmon 2 mistakes oni, it rarely happens wad.
    Lets close sleague since ref hereare paid peanuts.
    Lets close sleague since all ref are nt full time.
    Most of elite & experienced ref is on the verge of retiring.
    Even the AFC encourages recruitin young ref, iran, uzbek has started with 12 year olds.
    They are tryin to follow uefa way. all the refs from europe start refereeing young like 12 to have greater experience.
    We shud welcum the young if nt they can juz pack and leave.

  6. Hi "chimpo",

    There's not turning back for the league and local football itself now..

    Like you mentioned "Close Sleague", but this is not the solution as you would see more unemployed on the roads on top of those kena "chop" by Seagate yesterday.

    The way out now is to remedy the barrowload of problems facing Singapore football with the refereeing being one of them.

  7. actually there's nthg wrong in dis game.
    The red card accordin to the law book is a right decision. Lunge/charge at opponent in dangerous manner cud lead to expulsion depending on the degree of speed of the player dat is chargin & the distance to goal.

    Its just teo hock seng who wanna create a scene.
    He shud look into his team's discipline seriously.


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