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How woeful are the Young Lions?

Coach Terry Pathmanathan (first from left) demands improvement from his Young Lions.

While much of the focus been centered on their seniors - the Lions, the current form of this team that are going to be the core of this year's SEA Games football squad is also a major cause of concern.

Until this day, the performance by the Young Lions are far from satisfactory.

Been gathering negative feedback of this team since I last saw them played in their loss against Albirex Niigata weeks ago.

"They can't keep the possession after three passes!" said one.

"These boys are being complacent, just because they think they're the YOUNG LIONS" said another, implying that being part of this team guarantee a spot in coach Raddy's squad for the year end's sporting fiesta.

"We can't expect much from these boys as they're still not up to the mark yet." said coach Terry Pathmanathan after their goal-less draw against Woodlands Wellington.

"They're pushing (themselves) but overnight you can't expect them to turn around to play more decisively." added the former national team captain.

Coach Terry also cited that it's all down to each and individual on how fast they can develop and mature as a player.

When highlighted there's a cause of concern as the squad is going to be the core of the SEA Games squad, coach Terry reasoned, "Let's get real, the S.League is a level higher as compared to the SEA Games."

"And they (Young Lions) are not playing against their own age group, but much experienced, much matured teams."

"So they're now preparing themselves at a higher level, and when playing against the same age group, they're expected to excel themselves on certain levels" he added.

Although the coach nicknamed as "Captain Marvel" in his playing days was frank to admit "Where's our talents?" when told some of the outstanding players the neighbouring teams are churning out for the SEA Games.

However, coach Terry remains defiant despite all the odds, "We don't want to throw in the towel (just yet), as they need to know why they are in the S.League, you get hammer, but you learn the hard way."

"Since the core (of the SEA Games squad) is to come from this team, then they better show us they have done something." he concluded.

Indeed, for those who were at the game at Woodlands were wondering as well as they saw for themselves right in front of all (and coach Raddy) how possession was lost after less than five passes, how the ball was fed to front without any precision, etc.

I rest my case...


  1. jialat...the sea games squad need to get players from other teams in the league. cannot send this batch to go to sea games....sure kena own big time..

  2. Hi "Gale",

    I quoted what coach Terry said, "Where's our talent?".

    Anyway, coach Raddy did mentioned this year SEA Games we are not gonna expect to win any medals but a process to groom and prepare the team for the near future.

    But it is ...

  3. Quote - "We can't expect much from these boys as they're still not up to the mark yet." said coach Terry Pathmanathan after their goal-less draw against Woodlands Wellington.

    That statement alone is enough for everyone to start throwing in their towels, sanitary pads, toilet papers, their ever annoying next door neighbor and the kitchen sink down the hole.

    Very convincing Terry...

  4. Put in rather bluntly the basic skills weren't just not there when I saw they played...

    Yes, they maybe showing sign of hunger during their pre-season, but having come to this stage and age, if they lack the fundamental requirements as a footballer, then something is wrong in the developing stages!

  5. Took the words of my mouth. Cant imagine them taking over the NT in 5 years to come.

  6. We will win the SEA Games but we need a decent coach first; nt one who rather be a coach elsewhere

  7. the coe youth system is de problem. FAS must splash a bit of cash & hire a coach like Arsene Wenger or hiddink. Costly but worthy.
    Locals experience is not enough man.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. (rephrased from the deleted post due to some typo)

    Hi to the "Anonymous" posted at 11:05hr on 25/8,

    How do we know who you're, if what you predicted is true?

    Hi to the "Anonymous" posted at 18:55hr on 25/8,

    This brought to the point that not point splashing big bucks if success is not guarantee, the focus should be on the training of the fundamental skills of the game to those kids.

    I pinning my hopes on the number of soccer schools around the place to prove their worth

  10. Anonymous at 11:05 here.

    Who I am isin't important, I guess.

    To be honest, I feel sorry for the YL. They're expected to prove they're ready to take over the NT sometime around now.

    Fact is, most of them have barely hit 20.

    Guess that's football. Not too long ago you're expected to peak at about 24/25 years old?

    Now, you're expected to peak at 18-20. The stress and pressure is huge. Can any of them step up to take over? I guess not.


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