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How "small" I felt I am (edited)

Remember in my "The ODD DOZEN" annual review that I asked about if the relevant organization can meet the deadline as spelled out on the SSC website?

So far there's no respond from the relevant organization in-charge regarding the query I wrote to them via the papers (as illustrated above), until a Member-of-Parliament, Mdm Ho Geok Choo decided to raise the issue in the Parliament.

From ""

Therefore, there's an obligation to reply whatever was asked in the Parliament and as promised in the annual review that I'll keep all update pertaining this issue.

From ""

Alright, at the least the mystery is more or less solved, no thanks to the economic downturn..

Anyway, got a glimpse of the cover of "Berita Harian" (below), our local Malay daily that more or less confirmed the fact that it's " definitely not yet to be demolished" (based on the translation with the help from my Malay colleagues)

And with that I guess those who had bought the t-shirt like I did on "last game" day might felt a bit of that kinda of.....


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