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[ADV] BOCAP for SALE...finally

After much deliberation, I finally decided to put "BOCAP" (pronounced as "BOH-CHUP") for sale (it was meant to be that way but the only question was selling at what price?).

Since having this micro-fibre cap, I been wearing it as a sort of "walking advertisement" (like what AirAsia boss Tony Fernandez always do) at work and at matches in attempt to create some awareness for this blog.

The main idea behind "BOCAP", as mentioned before, is to market this blog and generate some funds for the maintaining of it to ensure its long-term sustainability.

However, the fund was limited when I decided to push ahead for this project (having to dip into my savings for it) that frankly I will not earn much for this venture, as it'll be just enough to cover the cost of production since only 50 caps will be available for sale.

Having said all these... HERE's the PRICE OF EACH "BOCAP" - S$12 ($11+$1-being "handling charge") Ok, ok... some of you may scoffed at the price of it especially times are bad now but it's ok as I don't expect this cap to be a hot selling item.

However, if you decided to own one of the 50 for sale, your kind patronage will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Please kindly email me at for details on payment and delivery of the cap..


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