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Friendly: Young Lions 0-1 Gombak United (edited)

This being the third time I been to Geylang Field.

The first time, I was there to catch the national team training only to have the rain disrupted the whole session, while the second time was there only to have the groundsman told me that the Lions didn't turned up for the training (as they flew off to Vietnam already then).

So third time lucky and I managed to catch a friendly between Young Lions and Gombak United.


The rustic-looking dressing room of the field.

As there's no stand erected on the ground, these guys just flanked along the side to watch the action.

Or you want the best view of the house, join this guy at the top of the roof.

Or from the so-called "comfort-zone" (balcony of these quarters).

The playing surface at the Geylang Field certainly look well-maintained or isn't because of a short downpour before that helped to moist the surface?

The final score is Young Lions 0-1 Gombak United, with another defensive lapse that saw the Bulls made full use of it and win the friendly...


  1. It may seem rustic to you but I've seen some pretty basic dressing sheds on Sydney football fields in my time and the ones at Geylang are at least in keeping with the historic/heritage nature of that part of town. Unlike in Sydney where some areas built up since the 60s offer a shocking lack of facilities and basic amenities.

    Shame you did not climb to the vantage point for some more shots, Pohui. But who would insure you?!


  2. hehe... probably next time, "Greenrover".. if the permission is granted.

    I would not want to "disturb any transaction" going on when I am to climb to that vantage point :P

    and for that I doubt insurance coverage is available ... :(


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