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A humble lesson for all (edited)

Archived from ""(click for a better view, those hand-written notes on it are my comments)

Now as it's confirmed that DPMM is the latest addition to the S.League, let's welcome them with a open arms and get ready for the gearing up for season 2009.

At the meantime, I managed to dig out something out from the archive and fittingly I think it should served as a reminder to all that never take Singapore football too lightly.

Mr Hong In Woong should know why...

BTW, a friend texted me and pointed out my grammar... thanks man :)


  1. "You say it best, when you say nothing at all"..

  2. I still laughing my head off when I went thru' the whole archived article.. It's probably the biggest comedy ever happened in local football.. and it was later revealed and admitted by Hong, the bunch of players he brought with him to Singapore were actually not those he selected in the first place (!!


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