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Obituary: Nazri Abdullah

Picture source: AFC website

It's not very often for me to say good things about the football across the Causeway but this gentleman mentioned here is probably one of those rare few I truly respect - the late Nazri Abdullah.

For those who lived through the Malaysia Cup days who never forget this referee.

The sight of Mr Nazri leading the teams out of the tunnel will always be sight of relief as it was always perceived that most other referees would always went against us on whatever the decisions they made during the match (sorry for that but in those days it was always seems to be the case.).

It was indeed a honour to have Mr Nazri officiated one of the greatest moments in Singapore football, when he's the referee in the 1994 Malaysia Cup Final.

But for now, it's all the memory we have for this man who deserved all the laurels...

Thank You, Sir...