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It's almost done (the Jalan Besar Stadium new surface)

Hopefully, this new playing surface will end the agony of some players who complained about the "batu"(rock solid) surface of the Jalan Besar Stadium. 

According to Mr Wong Chee Hoong, the director of "ibuild Sportscape Pte Ltd" - the contracting company responsible to lay out the new surface, this new playing surface is weather-proof and the blades of the playing surface are sculptured to be just like the real blade of grass with a "backbone at its back". 

The following statement (in italic) quoted from this page details more information about the new surface that replaced the one that was unveiled in 2005

"The 2 star FIFA rating at Jalan Besar Stadium is the first of its kind in Asia and allows the football pitch to be used for international matches. One of the most famous games played on a FIFA approved pitch was Russia versus England at the Luzhniki Stadium in Euro 2008." 


"It just feels like the real blade of grass"
"It just feels like the real blade of grass"

A shot from where the corner flag will be
A shot from where the corner flag will be

Workers put the finishing touch to the playing surface.
Workers put the finishing touch to the playing surface.

"Close-up" of the blade of grass
"Close-up" of the blade of grass

(Disclaimer: this blog entry is solely out of the blogger's initiative and meant for the awareness of the new playing surface of the Jalan Besar Stadium, without any form of influence, interference, or whatsoever from whosoever individual or organization)


  1. will visit there someday before the season starts!!!^^

  2. I think the best option right now is hybrid grass pitches. A growing number of EPL teams are using this. Even other sports like rugby and American football are starting to use hybrid pitches. It is a mix of natural grass reinforced by artif...icial grass fibres so it has the best of both worlds. You have the durability of an artificial pitch and still retain the feel of a natural pitch.

    Though I doubt they will lay the JBS pitch again, I think this is a perfect solution for our new national stadium pitch given the multi purpose nature and heavy usage of our national stadium. Hope our new national stadium will invest in this. Sorry if I sound like a sales person :P but I just want the best for our footballers and fellow fans.


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