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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CONFIRMED and well done, alternative

So based on the screen-shot above, I guess more or less the issue is settled with national skipper Indra Sahdan Daud joining Sengkang Punggol on a year-deal.

A check on the online editions of "TODAY" and "The Straits Times" to check if they got the news and also whether had Indra quit the police force in order to sign for the Dolphins but unable to source for any sign of it.

Already since yesterday, the guys at "Kallangroar" had been speculating this "news of the year" however since there's NO confirmation out from the official source or the mainstream media, everybody seems to be holding back themselves.

However, I felt sometimes it's not necessary to wait for the "official" announcement or the mainstreamers to confirm everything, if the "alternate" media had the words and the fact first, way beforehand other did, by all means - break it!!

Which is why effort by the guys behind "Fish out of Water" should deserved all the credits for confirmed everything for us,

Well done, guys


  1. To be honest Indra is a pale shadow of the player he use to be. Not really sure if Sengkang got a good due in this transfer.

  2. Hi "Anonymous"...

    a co-worker also shares the same sentiment and he reasoned out that Indra may not be speedy as before given his injury history and he might not want to risk himself to have any recurrence.

    However, having seen the Canadian duo (Anthony and Murphy)etc. I really all players will compliment each other and show the people the Dolphins aren't over-hyped.

    Still it's a sensational move from a comfort-zone to an ambitious upstart.

    Best of Luck :)


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