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The new turf at the Jalan Besar stadium

Here l am writing this account from the media booth of the Jalan Besar stadia, from where the new playing surface is visible.

Below are the pictures taken prior the start of the friendly match that marked the re-opening of the arena.

Word of caution though, never ever do a "Jurgen Klinsmann" style of celebration on this artificial turf.

(Picture above: the "left box" of the pitch)

(Picture above: the "right box" of the pitch)

(Picture above: the "centre-circle" of the pitch)

Unfortunately, such a wonderful pitch that its maiden match played on it was totally an one-sided event.

The visiting Thai "All Stars" coached by the legendary Piyapong Pue-On, failed to live up its reputation and gave an "All chumps" performance.

Last but not least, these kids (pictured on the right) further marred the occasion for their irritating shouting and merry making (Arghh!!)


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  2. Nice pictures of the soccer pitch. You must be a die hard soccer fan of Singapore right?

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  4. glad to see a blog about singapore soccer here... keep it going man.. lets hope the singapore team do us proud in the SEA games.


  5. u're a reporter or something? nice looking pitch..heard that it's faster? i guess FAS decided to follow korean style of football eh, no skill or size like mad, until other team cannot run.. esp now with increasingly tougher beep tests for sleague players


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