Tuesday, November 22, 2005


(picture above: Papers painted a gloomy picture on the U23's SEA Games campaign )

When they left for the Philippines, the expectation on the national U-23 team was high.

Who could blame us for all this hype surrounding these guys, after all, they are presumed to be the best squad to be played in the SEA Games, since the football event became a U-23 tournament.

Ever since, the opening defeat by the Vietnamese, all concerned parties had painted a gloomy picture on whether the Cubs will once again falter at the group stages.

So much so coach Raddy had planned for an all-offensive tactics when against the Indonesians on Thursday, which l hope it's not a signal that they had pressed the panic button, (though in order to advance to the final four, we must take full maximum points from the remaining matches.)

Could it be the old complacency that always haunted the boys, when they are always the favourite?

Obviously, the answer is a YES.. But till now that's not the issue as the main thing is now to salvage the bruised ego and avoid another sad embarrassment.

However, I would just hope it's not a sucidal move to be offensive as the last match had highlighted the shortcomings of our defence, while relaying on the "kick and rush" method to break through, which proved useless either.

Good Luck Boys!! "Jangan Malu Lagi!!"

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