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Mixed feeling

Well, just saw that the League authority had given the green light that will see the return of Gombak Utd FC, the merging of Sengkang Marine FC and Paya Lebar Punggol FC as "Sengkang-Punggol FC" plus the African-based Sporting Afrique FC.

I'm not sure how the fans would react the inclusion of Sporting Afrique FC, after all, that "Planet FC" saga last year had left a pretty negative impression on these African footballers for their audacious claim they were "unbeatable".

I'm glad to see the return of the Bulls (Gombak Utd) back to the scene, also hope for much better stability with the strategic alliance between Sengkang and Paya Lebar that would benefit the Hougang residents.

Regrettably, Sinchi FC will still be part of the setup, which l sense those "empty promises" by this team will still be with us for yet another season.

And now since the list is confirmed now, all teams are given a equal foothold to prepare their squad, l would hope this statement will not appeared again

"I have the best of the WORST"

Last but not least, the expansion of the league will see more matches to be played, a longer season ahead and hopefully, a wish for better quality of football for those so-called minnows (a wish we all been yearning for)


  1. If Sporting Afrique can unearth talents such as Itimi, Agu and Precious for us, then I'm sure they will be extremely strong and well supported. Hope the management do their scouting properly to hire good young players


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