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[Not-So-Instant Reaction] after we won and packed up as well...

Read a tweet from my timeline that goes like this before the Indonesia-Malaysia SEA Games match after the Cubs defeated the supposedly perennial powerhouses Thailand 2-0.

"This is e first (and probably will be e only) time a 2-0 win over Thailand feels like a defeat..."
Can't blame that sense of pessimistic when the Cubs initially failed in achieving the target that mammoth task of four goals against the Thais because the goal difference between them and the Malaysians, whom they defeated the hosts to progress to the semi-finals.

Anyway, will not comment on the game itself when I did not see the match in the first place (due to work again).

However, gathered from the timeline it was perceived that the Cubs were better up against their opponents with several offside decisions that went against them in the second half that one suggested it would have been 5-0.

At the end of the day when your fate is not in your hands, one just have to learn and accept the eventual outcome after a not-so-smooth-sailing preparation throughout the almost one whole year.

"It was a very good performance by the boys and I am pleased for them. You cannot fault their effort tonight and throughout the tournament, they followed the game plans we had and tried their very best." said coach Slobodan Pavkovic after match.

Added the concurrent FAS Technical Director:"When the draw was made, we knew we were up against very good opponents in Group A and worked towards preparing the team for the tournament."

"It has been a tough journey for us and I apologise on behalf of the team to the fans for the disappointment of not making it to the knockout stages." said team captain Hariss Harun.

"We tried our best to pull together despite all the issues we faced here in Jakarta and back home but we still fell short.

"Nevertheless, we will take the lessons learnt and come back stronger for the next SEA Games.” concluded the "Boy Wonder"

(Quotes extracted from media release issued by FAS after the match.)


  1. OMG, the Thai coach practically sat at his bench entire 2nd half, not giving any instructions at all, as if given up hope! Slobodan should coach next season Young Lions S-League team because he has a Lion-heart as compared to Robin Chittrakar if you ask me...


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