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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

[SEA Games] Finalized Finally .... [edited]

Initially, when I gathered the news of the SEA Games squad being announced via some sources online I thought the nagging NS issue that had been bothering some of the boys had already settled at the nick of time.

It was only later when I opened my mailbox and saw the official release from the Football Association of Singapore regarding the squad list and realized the word "Provisional" in between the key words.

(Picture above right) Emmeric Ong, in white top, already enlisted
and not able to join the squad in Jakarta
So nothing is confirmed just yet and a number of the boys below are still keeping their fingers crossed as they are just a week away facing Malaysia at Jakarta.

Imaging just the night before leaving for Indonesia and the enlistment letter arrive in the letterbox ... Good Grief -___-

Days later on 2nd November, FAS released an update of the new squad list with the inclusion of the Yasir Hanapi (pictured below left) from Home United to make it a 20-man squad with the word "Provisional" omitted from the subject title.

The Updated list squad List as follows...

20-man Singapore Men’s Football Squad List for 26th SEA Games
S/N Full Name Position Club
1 Chan Yuhui (Jasper) GK CYL
2 Hariss S/O Harun MF CYL
3 Mohamad Izwan Bin Mahbud GK CYL
4 Mohammad Afiq Bin Yunos DF CYL
5 Muhammad Al-Qaasimy Bin Abdul Rahman DF CYL
6 Muhammad Faris Bin Ramli MF CYL
7 Muhammad Fazli Bin Ayob FW CYL
8 Muhammad Hafiz Bin Abu Sujad MF CYL
9 Muhammad Irwan Shah Bin Arismail DF CYL
10 Muhammad Khairul Nizam Bin Mohammad Kamal FW CYL
11 Muhammad Safuwan Bin Baharudin DF CYL
12 Muhammad Shahir Bin Hamzah DF CYL
13 Muhammad Zulfahmi Bin Mohd Arifin MF CYL
14 Navin Neil Vanu FW CYL
15 Quak Jun Yi (Gabriel) MF CYL
16 Safirul Bin Sulaiman MF CYL
17 Shahdan Bin Sulaiman MF CYL
18 Muhammad Yasir Bin Hanapi MF HUFC
19 Loo Zhan Quan Gary MF TPUFC
20 Mohammad Firdaus Bin Kasman MF TRFC

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