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First LEGO block laid???

(This entry is formulated from the media release issued by the Football Association of Singapore)

Much had been said about the revitalizing of the local football scene with talks of plans, ideas, etc. that kept coming from the pipeline which finally saw the first LEGO block laid in the foundation for such rebuilding.

Expansion of the capacity will take place at this part of JBS
In a media release released by the Football Association of Singapore this evening, it was announced the much touted expansion of the Jalan Besar Stadium will go ahead with 2,000 additional seats will be built parallel to King George's Avenue, along with two corporate VIP boxes built at the Grandstand section of the stadium.

Sharing his thoughts following the announcement, Mr Zainudin Nordin., the FAS president said:"I believe that the expansion of the seating capacity at Jalan Besar Stadium by 30% will help us reach out to more football fans and enable them to watch both the thrilling 2012 M.League and S.League season matches ‘live’ at the stadium and enjoy the match day experience."

Better viewing experience for the fans ??
All expansion works are expected to be completed in time for the opening match for the Malaysia Super League in January 2012 when a team represent the Republic will be featured for the first time since 1994, according to the same release.

Concluding his thoughts, the former Mayor of Central Singapore CDC revealed that "more details pertaining to other key initiatives and programmes will be announced shortly".

SHALL wait and see what are in store for us then...


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