Friday, November 11, 2011

So they benefited from a "better head start" ?? [edited]

Like mentioned, I did not get to see the match that Cubs lost to the Indonesians due to work.

However, here's the Youtube clip of the match via a Vietnamese broadcaster.

General thoughts of the game gathered online lauded the performance of the Singapore side for keeping the scoreline respectable especially with their performance in the second half, after conceding two goals and a player sent off (Nigel Vanu)in the first half.
While some may blasted the Filipino referee for his handling of the match (as told), a friend feedback via SMS thought otherwise as he opined...
"The ref from philippines was first rate and had to penalise indonesians repeatedly for diving etc nigel (Vanu) had to go ref spot on if you watch a game in a one eyed way you do not get a true picture i am certain the indo fans felt the ref was hard on them as he kept denying them free kicks as he could read their tricks and was eagle eyed picking up infringements"
Now we are left with a mountain to climb with Thailand up next, although an earlier report on Mediacorp's TODAY did suggest if the organizers' planning of the footballing fixtures had in a way given Indonesian the head start ahead the rest?

Following the match, the Cubs' team manager Ashiq Idris said:"Coming into this game with the objective of getting a win after two good performances would have put us in a position to beat the Indonesian defence.

"However, conceding an early goal and losing a player in the 22nd minute, we had to make changes to our tactics. We then also faced many challenges in the match. Having said that, we will shift our focus onto the next all-important match against Thailand." he added

(Quotes extracted from the media release issued by FAS after the match)

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