Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hang on to your seat....

Mr Teo Hock Seng, Tampines chairman hugged by his players
after the 1-0 victory over Home United on an atrocious field. 
A decent turn out at the Tampines Stadium saw the epic clash between Tampines Rovers and league leaders Home United on a unplayable surface marred by the heavy downpour before the start.

The condition of the field was so bad that it had proven to be a nightmare for the laundry man after both sides had to change to a new set of jersey before the game resumed for the second half.

Did the soiled jersey brought Latiff the luck?
However, Ahmad Latiff's soiled jersey remained with him and probably that was the reason why (that must have brought him luck) his strike in the 62nd minute from outside the box had triggered wild celebration after it beaten Protectors' custodian Lionel Lewis.

This marked a crucial moment for the season title race as the champions would only be made known on this coming Sunday when both Stags and Protectors will be featured in a double-header at their home turf.

(Just like last year when the League Trophy had to decide its final venue at the dying moments)


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