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[Feature] Isa Halim strives for optimum fitness with H-TWO-O!‏

(This entry is formulated with the transcript obtained from S.League title sponsor, H-TWO-O, via the Football Association of Singapore)

Isa and H-TWO-O - a perfect combination
Boasting a score of 13.3 in the pre-season beep test, Home United and Singapore national team midfielder Isa Halim is one of the best in the business.

After seven seasons in the S.League, Isa has proven year after year that he is one player who thrives on doing well in the beep test and he puts it down to H-TWO-O.

“The Beep Test is one of the toughest hurdles we have to go through prior to the start of each season."said the midfielder who started out his career with Woodlands Wellington.

"For that, I always ensure that I prepare well for it by constantly hydrating myself with H-TWO-O before, during and after each work out session in order to recharge and replenish my body with ample fluids and carbohydrates to take on the beep test." he added.

Isa in action for the national team against Iraq
Renowned for his tough-tackling and industrious play in the middle of the park, Isa has kept his standard as one of the top midfielders of the Lion City since he first started his career back in 2005.

"When I first started playing football professionally, I didn’t know how important it is to take care of my diet and hydration to ensure that I am in top form.

"Now as a seasoned footballer, I have learnt how crucial it is to prepare and recover correctly in order to have a successful career." as the boyish-looking star appreciate the well being factors of that of a good football player.

Isa helped Home United recently to win the Singapore Cup
Indeed, together with his Home United team-mate Lionel Lewis, Isa is also a proud endorser of H-TWO-O for the past three years and walk-the-talk the benefits of being well hydrated.

The isotonic giant has always been a frontrunner when it comes to hydration for athletes and for the past seven years, H-TWO-O has played a key role as title sponsor of the S.League to provide players with the proper hydration in training and matches.

Can Isa Halim keep up with the benchmark he set in 2011? With H-TWO-O in his corner, you can be sure that it will happen.


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