Monday, November 07, 2011

[Instant Reaction] I don't know man..... Singapore 0-0 Malaysia [edited]

Screen-grab off TV after the game was over...
The just concluded match saw the Cubs walked away with a 0-0 draw against the defending SEA Games champions Malaysia at the Senanyan in Jakarta in this "Group of Death" opener.

Due to work, I could only watched the second half of the match and therefore I am not in the best position to give an all-round review of the match.

Based on the tweets I gathered while the first half was played it seemed that we had a good start until the Harimau Muda settled into the later stages of the first period to dominate the play with slight better percentage in holding the ball.

Yet, it was the Cubs that had the chance of the match when a tweet suggested the following: -
Fazli Ayob with the best chance of the day when he twisted and turned 3 Msia players before Khairul Fahmi saves his shot.
While another tweet looked into a more tactical side of the match when he added -
They should have a three man midfield with Hariss (Harun) anchor n (Firdaus Kasman) with (Shahdan Sulaiman) supporting the striker...
Since most of the matches to be played under scorching sun, a tweet cheekily opined that:-
I hope all those 5pm games pays off in this hot weather
apparently because the bulk of the Cubs played their home game at 5pm for the Games prep team in the S.League, so he might suggest the effort will pay off in this biennial tournament.

Nonetheless, the failure of hold on to the possession for large part of the second period may have caused the Cubs dearly as some poor passing plays led to some chances created that looked hard to make any opportunity counted.

However, what could be more worrying when coach Slobodan Pavković is the number of the yellow cards accumulated in the game, although commentator Mark Richmond remarked it should be a result he must be pleased.

Speaking after the goalless draw, Coach Pavkovic said, “This was a game against the defending champions who have been preparing for a long time for this SEA Games, so I think it is one point gained rather than two points lost.”

“I think the boys played well and executed our plan correctly. We had quite a number of chances in the game and we were in control of the game at different points. This is very positive and I am happy with my team’s performance in this match." added the Serbian who concurrently serves as the FAS Technical Director and is the main person behind the implementation of the "National Football Syllabus".

Well, I don't know man...

(Quotes of coach Pavkovic extracted from the FAS media release after the game)

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  1. I thought we were caught napping a few times to allow M'sians to slip through in the second half that stretched our backline on a few occasions.

    The passing game was largely absent when I saw the second half IMHO, was the first half play better??


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