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First posting of the year of "Harimau"...

Just wondering if you guys encounter this situation like I always do when the discussion is on Singapore soccer that some people tend to pan it down mercilessly?

Not that long ago, I received an email from a reader who asked me "to stop writing about the S.League" simply because "will kill sg football in the long run" [sic].

Further discussion with this reader via email, I came to realize that he's one of those nostalgic folks who still clamouring for the return to the Malaysia Cup.

While I may not agree to what this reader had suggested (keep the s-league and at the same time send a Singapore representative team to take part in both the m-league and m-cup [sic]), as I was one of those "sick and tired" of those bullying tactics by those folks in KL that pulling out was the wise thing to do so then.

However, the point of this blog entry is not to set as a platform to debate whether who is right or wrong about that "pulling out". Instead, it's all about engaging with various parties in discussion for the betterment of local football.

Yes, there may be times we don't see eye to eye on certain issues pertaining the local game, still constant engaging is something we ought to do.

And which is why through blogging on the local game, I'm glad that I had met and had discussions with some of those who share the same passion as I do AND that's something I'll continue to do so, even if we don't share the same perspective and opinions all the time.

So let's not shy away and keep that engaging going on...


  1. yes,i do encounter people who are still talking about those malaysia cup days...
    whenever i listen about it,i treat it as bullcrap coming out of their mouth..
    i think they did not realise why is m-league having none foreginer in it now and just pure m-league...
    to me is,save the talking,our football is just 10yr old
    and lets just face it,we are developing soccer now to a higher standard
    it takes time...
    EPL dont take when the year 2000 came...
    it started way back till the 1890s if im not wrong....
    so,i always tell them is that,do give singapore may not be during their lifetime but im sure it will happen in future...
    as for yourself,do carry on writing about singapore football....
    dont stop as it wont kill

  2. just a check here.. how many of you guys do face this kind of "confrontational" situation when participants in the discussion don't always see eye to eye on the topic discussed.

    What really sadden me is the fact more than 15 years since that "pulling out", there are still a sizable population clamoring to "go back".

    For what they wanna to do? just for the sake of the "passion and atmosphere"?

    Just as I mentioned before "passion and atmosphere" are something need to be generated by those at the grounds and are those been questioning been doing their part?

  3. Those people have absolutely no clue the state of malaysian football right now. Teams are dying one by one, teams with financial problems, teams finishing in relegation zone not relegated, attendance is sometimes worst than s-league matches, league dominated by corporate teams and now school teams. And the football, my god, is so painful to watch for any neutrals. Believe me, i tried watching it every sat on rtm.

  4. Pohui,the supporters will oni cheer if the quality of football is gd enough. If the supporters cheers for the sake of it then it is sympathy.

  5. Hi "Anonymous",

    I have a different viewpoint on your comment..

    To me, it's a "chicken and egg" issue here.. Fans want quality football from the players and players want passionate crowds roaring for them.

    And nobody wants to take the first step to do

    I think at times, we ought to put ourselves in each other shoes to realize we need to help each other

  6. Hi Pohui,

    Happy CNY!

    First of all, I don't think the emailer was right in discouraging you from doing a coverage of S-League. You should be applauded instead.

    Secondly, quotes like this "yes,i do encounter people who are still talking about those malaysia cup days...
    whenever i listen about it,i treat it as bullcrap coming out of their mouth.." shows how immature some of the S-Leagues fans are. In fact, most of the younger generation (who never saw M-Cup before or seen glimpses of it) shows disrespect to our NT and fans from M-Cup days.

    I have to say that football during the M-Cup days is thousands if not millions of times more better than what S-League has dished out for 15 years. Well, the first 3 years were good actually.

    It is just a simple decision and it has to come from the government. Sorry, no matter what was said, we have to prove ourselves blah blah blah, the initiative must come from the government. That is the way corporate Singapore is run.

    So government must say, then Singaporeans react.

  7. Pohui,the supporters will oni cheer if the quality of football is gd enough. If the supporters cheers for the sake of it then it is sympathy.

    rubbish. you my friend are part of the problem, not the solution. stick to chelsea/liverpool or man u

  8. Lol stick to EPL? Then we will never come to a solution.

  9. Hi guys...

    Thanks for the opinions and thoughts shared since the posting of this entry.

    To "Anonymous" (posted on Monday, 15 February 2010 12:56:00 GMT+08:00 ), although I have a different opinion from yours, I still respect yours by sharing my thoughts as well on the same day.

    To "Anonymous" (posted Wednesday, 17 February 2010 08:57:00 GMT+08:00 ), it's not that I can't take criticism or opinions different from my and whilst we may not disagree on certain issues discussed, please refrain from name-calling or making personal attacks on whosoever.

    Perhaps, your enlightenment will be appreciated if you could share with us the root of the problem and how we could solve it? thanks


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