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Lazy Afternoon at East Coast Park catching some games of Futsal

Was at the "Sports Planet" this afternoon for a futsal event organized by "U Sports", an affiliate of the NTUC.

Never thought of putting up this post, until I decided that the sunset moment of the day does look good for some picture-snapping on my new iPhone, so why not...

(Pictured above) Good about the futsal courts at "Sports Planet" are "stray-ball" proof, thanks to the nets that concealed the playing surface.

I think the playing surface of the pitch is something similar to that of the Jalan Besar Stadium (that black sand-like particle based).

Some of the players cheering their team-mates on from outside of the field, pretty glaring as it was close to evening when this shot was taken.

In the end, I was told the union which represented me claimed the title of one particular catergory... Well Done.


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