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[Feature] Nazri Nasir Teams Up With The Cage: Cage F.I.T.T

(This feature and pictures used in this entry are brought to you by "The Cage" via "Strategic Public Relations Group Singapore", a renowned public relations consultancy)

Nazri Nasir was the captain of the first Singapore national team to lift up a regional trophy - the Tiger Cup in 1998

2 February 2010, Singapore
– Former national football captain and local hero Nazri Nasir (pictured above) has teamed up with The Cage, Singapore’s pioneer indoor football facility, to develop a new fitness training concept called Cage F.I.T.T.

The Cage F.I.T.T programme aims at getting anyone fit for the game that he loves in a fun and unique group training environment. Cage F.I.T.T, which stands for Functional muscle development, Intensity suited to each fitness level, Technical skills transfer and Tactical application of skills and conditioning, is a programme designed with a mix of conditioning from a variety of other sports and football specific skills.

“Football is far more fun than looking and feeling like a hamster on a treadmill. You focus on the joy of the game rather than the pain of a workout, so that you stay motivated,” said Sanjay Danani, Managing Director of the Cage.

“The Cage F.I.T.T programme is part of efforts to reinforce our mission of making the beautiful game more enjoyable to people of all shapes and sizes,” he added.

A Youtube clip featuring Nazri and rapper Sheikh Haikel introducing "Cage FITT"

As Cage F.I.T.T’s ambassador and chief programme consultant, Nazri will be lending his experience to the team of trainers, which includes S.League footballer Mohamad Sofiyan Bin Abdul Hamid and some fitness professionals with local and overseas experience.

Nazri demonstrates part of the "Cage F.I.T.T."

Nazri has also designed the “Nazri’s Challenge” – a series of exercises which tests each participant’s progress at regular intervals over the duration of the programme. Through the variety of fitness drills, the team of Cage F.I.T.T trainers aims to reach out to those currently seeking more fun-filled exercise routines as well as weekend warriors.

“Having played the sport all my life, the decision to develop a football-based training programme came naturally to me. I feel that fitness training is an area where ex-professional footballers can use their experience and expertise to provide added value to the average Singaporean faced with the usual run-of-the-mill fitness programmes at their
local gyms,” said Nazri, who is also a current Football Association of Singapore Captains’Advisory member.

The Cage F.I.T.T group exercise programme is currently being run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, lasting no more than 70 minutes a session. It is aimed at giving the working professional a good start to the day in a short and sharp time frame. For rates and times, please visit


About The Cage
The Cage is run by We Wanted to be Footballers Pte Ltd. Started by a group of passionate football fans 4 years ago, the team consisting of Rajesh Mulani, Sanjay Danani and V.Natarajan is dedicated to the serious business of fun football.

Located in Kallang, it is the first indoor football facility in Singapore and is open 24/7 for players. It provides 6 FIFA endorsed pitches and has recently offered another first; indoor cricket on astro turf at its premises.


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